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Nice special bet from Paddy Power

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

With the John Terry, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand scandals still fresh in the memory, Paddy Power have opened a book on who is going to be the next love cheat. Here are the current odds
Number of love cheats during 2011/2012 PL season
40/1 None
9/4 1 to 2
11/10 3 to 4
2/1 5 or more

Singles Only,
Applies to the number of Premier League footballers that have extra-marital affairs exposed during the 2011/2012 Premier League season,
Must be printed on the front page of a red-top national tabloid by end May 2012,PP decision final.

I have been tempted in to betting on none. There are only a handful of premiership footballers that would ever make it on to the front page of a national red top and with all the publicity, the footballers are going to be extra careful not to get caught. I think that 40/1 for no premiership footballers is too high.

I was going to have a cheeky tenner on it but the most they’ll let you have on zero footballers is £8.94.

click here to join me. Pod reckons its crazy and someone is bound to be outed within 3 months. I think its got to be worth it for a tenner though.

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Still no betting syndicate but still betting on odds and sods. This is almost a gift from William Hill.

I was listening to late night radio and one of the top stories was that Vince Cable has made U-turn and is going to vote in favouring of tuition fee rises. Check BBC news

4 December 2010 Last updated at 08:07

Business Secretary Vince Cable will back a rise in tuition fees in next week’s crucial vote, it has emerged.

He told a newspaper: “Obviously I have a duty as a minister to vote for my own policy – and that is what will happen.”

Mr Cable has previously said all Liberal Democrat MPs would act collectively to abstain in the vote.

William Hill sent me this.

VINCE CABLE is an odds-on chance with William Hill to vote in favour of higher university tuition fees next Thursday.
Hills offer 2/5 that he will vote yes; 7/4 that he will abstain; and 16/1 that he will vote against. ‘Mr Cable is clearly uncomfortable about the situation, but we believe he will opt to vote in favour of what is his own policy’ said Hill’s Graham Sharpe

Yes 2/5
Abstain 7/4
No 16/1

At the time of writing this market is still open. I put £100 for hopefully a free £40 profit. Sign up here if you haven’t got an account. * disclaimer. I get a commission if you sign up via this link. Use code F25 to get a free £25 bet. Don’t blame me if it loses though. Just write to Vince Cable telling him he has lost credibility. You can’t be a government minister and not vote for your own laws!

Free Scratch Card Online

Monday, December 7th, 2009

This is a blatant advertisement. If you can’t be bothered to read it, just click here for a free £5 scratch card. Disclaimer, the following is written by Prime Scratch cards not Bang or Pod.

If you fancy a change from your normal game of choice then why not have a go at scratch cards, and the best site around in our opinion is With over 50 games to choose from this site has something for everyone, and what’s even better is that they give all new players £5 FREE to try it out. If you like what you see Prime Scratch cards will then give you a 100% bonus up to £200. There is no download so the games can be played at any time, and are all very easy, so great for when you just want to relax and not concentrate too hard. You can win up to £200,000, and if you get lucky playing 3WOW there’s a £1,000,000 up for grabs!

Prime Scratch cards have divided the games into 4 different categories to make life easier for you, so you can choose between Fantasy Scratch, Sports Scratch, Casino Scratch and Slots. With games ranging from Royal Slots, Lucky 21, Poker King and Monte Carlo, to more exotic sounding ones such as Dancing Domino, Fantasy Forest and Ice Land there’s a great choice so you’ll never get bored, and new games are added all the time.

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing money Prime Scratch cards gives you a great range of options. If you make a deposit using Neteller, Firepay, Moneybookers, wire transfer, bank draft or Click2Pay you’ll get an extra 10% bonus up to £200. You can also use debit and credit cards if that’s easier for you – whichever you prefer.

As well as the first deposit bonus of 100% up to £200, Prime Scratch cards offer weekly bonus promotions and prizes, as well as a Monthly Challenge. They have Club Pearl for their VIP members, who get extra bonuses, their own Account Manager and extra perks, such as trying out all the new games before everyone else. Prime Scratchcards have a great support team available 24/7 – by live chat, email or phone, with a freephone number for all UK residents.

We think Prime Scratch cards is a great site and the best scratch card site around – if you haven’t played there before we recommend you give them a try now! You may as well as they are giving you a free scatch card worth £5.

Footnote, according to their site, there is a 1 in 3 chance in winning on a scratch card. Doesn’t tell you the overall percentage payout though. If its anything like the lottery one at around 50% its not worth playing more than the free card.

When we publish a new scratch cards series our computerised system makes a known amount of Scratch cards based on the List of Prizes. There is a 1 in 3 overall chance of winning a Prize on each Scratch card of any game when the series is first published.

Online Casinos

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

We sometimes play casinos online. It can be a fun past time. Here’s our guide to casinos

First off, casinos are places to play for fun. Theoretically you can win at blackjack at a land casino but all other games, you will eventually lose. The only way you can win at blackjack is to count cards. As casinos frown upon this, you are likely to get barred. Roulette can be beat with special devices but these are banned in casinos too.

Online its slightly different. You can not win at all in the long term. There is no scope for card counting as decks are shuffled after every hand and you cannot user any lazer devices as the casinos use a random number generator rather than a ball. You can be up in the short term but eventually the house edge will get you. This is how casinos sucker you in online. As the house edge is tiny its possible to be up in the short term due to just random fluctuations.

We generally play blackjack as its a game where you actually have some control over the outcome. Roulette is OK but its all luck. No skill at all. They payout is 97.3% no matter how you play. With blackjack, you have some control over the outcome. With certain favorable rules, you can get 99% payout in blackjack with perfect play. In the medium term that makes a difference to how much you are going to lose. In the long term, you’ll lose it all so it doesn’t really matter which game you play.

Casinos offer many other games too. A lot try to push slot machines. These payout around 95% which is a lot better than the machines in the pubs but compared to other casino games thats a poor payout. Baccarat and craps have decent payouts so if roulette and blackjack aren’t your cup of tea, you could try those games. Avoid online slots.

If you are going to play online casinos, make sure you set a deposit limit. Its so tempting to keep depositing money until its all gone. All responsible casino operators will have an option to limit daily/ weekly deposits. If you do find yourself losing lots of money, you can always self bar too.

So in summary, only play online casinos for fun. Expect to lose eventually and make sure you do gamble what you cannot afford to lose. With football betting, you can only bet on so many games a week but with casino, you can lose all your money in a night.

Our Guide to Online Poker

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Online poker is one of our other pastimes. There are many poker room out there and picking one can be quite daunting. Not to worry, here’s our Online Poker Guide

Forget about sign up bonuses. In the long run, these mean nothing. Look for rakeback or loyalty points. These will payout as long as you play at the poker room. Sign up bonuses don’t last as long.

Pick a room with a big network. Many poker rooms are part of a network. This gives players a much wider range of players to play against than if each room was a separate entity. For example, Bet365 and Paddypower are part of the Ipoker network. You can sign up to either and play against the same players. All that would be different is the branding on the software, the sign up bonuses and on going loyalty bonuses. The actual players you play will be the same.

We would also recommend playing at stakes you are comfortable playing at from the start or playing at least 25/50c blinds. This is because below a certain level, you get people who aren’t really playing serious poker. When you have 5c/10c blinds, the pot might get up to $5 but to a lot of people that isn’t a lot of money so they will call you regardless. If you don’t get what we mean, then try playing free poker. People will go all in with any hand. Its not real poker its a lottery.

Play satellite tournaments occasionally. For a small amount, you can win very big if you get entry in to the higher rounds. As your loss is capped at your buy in, its a good way to get experience playing at a high level without the high cost. Thats how Pod managed to get to Vegas. He started off with a Satellite tournament and worked his way up. .

Finally, know when to quit. Some people are not cut out for online poker. If you find yourself losing consistently to bad beats then they’re probably not bad beats. All you are doing is giving your money away. There are other games of skill out there, where you can win money. Backgammon and Rummy spring to mind.

Football bets at Stelawton

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

If you are a regular reader to this blog, you know that its mainly about football betting. We do other types of betting but football is our bread and butter. We like football betting because the range of football bets is wide but the outcomes are limited. With limited outcomes there is less scope for bookies to add in over round.

Here is a brief description of our favourite football bets.

This is basically the win-draw-win market or home-draw-away market. 1X2 comes from the bookies coupon in a betting shop. You mark, 1 for a home win, X for a draw and 2 for the away win. Its a self explanatory bet. If you think the home team will win, you bet on the home win. If you think its going to be a draw, then bet on the draw and if you think its going to be an away win, you bet on the away win.

Asian Handicap.
This bet is popular in Asia. You don’t be on the straight result like in 1X2 betting but you bet on the handicap result. A team may get a head start. For example, Chelsea vs Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. Odds on the home win may be 1.91, draw, 3.25 and 4.0 for the away win. On the Asian Handicap, Chelsea will get -0.5 whereas Manchester United would get +0.5. At the end of the game, the handicaps are added to the score and the bet is paid out according to the result. Eg, if it finished 1-1, and you bet on Chelsea, you would lose at the Asian Handicap score would be 0.5 -1.

Unders/ Overs in the goal market.
Betting on scores is useful, when we don’t know who is going to win but know what type of games its going to be. Sometimes, you look at a fixture and you think they could play for 900 minutes and no one is going to score, whereas other times, you can spot a goal feast. Unders generally happen more often than overs so the odds are usually poor. (Think of all those 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 1-1 scores).

Strong double.
Sometimes, we think a team is going to win but the odds are something like 1.4. Not really a good payout. Find 2 of those, double them in a bet and you almost get even money. We’ve found this to be more profitable to betting on a single at similar odds. The key is to stick to doubles or at most go in to trebles, Any more and it seems like the betting gods strike you down.

So there you have our favourite football bets. We bet on other things like, draw no bet, 1X2 handicaps, anytime goal scorers, etc but they all depend on the price. You can occasionally find good value bets in those but stick with the 1X2, Asian Handicaps, Unders/ Overs and Strong Doubles and you won’t go far wrong.

Another dead cert BB10 eviction

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

To be honest, I haven’t been watching this and no one I know has either. Maybe the end of the road for the franchise. PaddyPower still are taking bets on it though so someone must be watching it.

Time has finally run out for Indian Business student Sree according to Irish bookmaker Paddy Power who make the 25-year-old their red-hot 1/50 favourite to get the boot from the Big Brother house this Friday.

Paddy Power said “Sree’s constant whinging has wrecked everyone’s head lately, housemates and viewers alike. We’re absolutely certain that he’s be packing his bags and out the door come Friday night”

No stranger to nominations Freddie joins Sree in the firing line this week however his odds of 10/1 suggest that he’ll once again successfully dodge the eviction bullet.

Next Eviction
1/50 Sree
10/1 Freddie (Halfwit)

Outright Winner
7/4 Freddie (Halfwit)
9/2 Rodrigo
11/2 Siavash
6/1 Charlie
12/1 Noirin
14/1 Karly
20/1 Sophie (Dogface)
20/1 Marcus
33/1 Kris
40/1 Lisa
80/1 Sree
6/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

All prices remain subject to fluctuation. You can bet with Paddypower. 1/50 is still a 2% return in about 3 days which isn’t too bad.

Odds on Angel Getting Evicted from BB10

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Angel is the red-hot favourite at 1/25 with bookmaker Paddy Power to get the boot from the Big Brother house tomorrow night. Sounds nailed on this. It would take the mother of all swings to turn this one around. 1/25 = 4% return on investment in 2 days. Can’t see Mr Paddypower letting you stick 10K on it though.

The 35 year-old Russian boxer and artist got on the wrong side of her fellow housemates when she said both glamour model Sophie and blonde babe Carly were ‘fat’. And the criticism didn’t stop there. Fitness freak Angel also insulted Dublin beauty Noirin by announcing she had a ‘fat bottom’!

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “It’s hard to believe that Angel was once the favourite to win Big Brother and walk away with the £100,000 prize money. It really goes to show just how quickly the public can change their mind about someone! After her fat jibes there’s a fat chance Angel will survive the wrath of the public this week!”

This week’s eviction brings to three the number of times that Freddie, aka ‘Halfwit’ has been nominated to face the public vote. Although Freddie is clearly not liked by his fellow housemates the posh toff is proving a real hit with punters and Big Brother fans and is now the 5/2 clear favourite to win this year’s series followed by former Mr Gay UK Charlie at 5/1 and events organiser Siavash at 6/1.

Who will win Big Brother?
5/2 Freddie (Halfwit)
5/1 Charlie
6/1 Siavash
7/1 Rodrigo
8/1 Noirin
10/1 Karly
20/1 Kris
20/1 Marcus
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Sree
50/1 Angel
11/2 Any Other (Not Listed)

Eviction Betting
1/25 Angel
8/1 Freddie (Halfwit)

Bet with PaddyPower

Cairon Odds on Favourite for 2nd Eviction

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Cairon’s prediction that he’ll finish in the top five in this year’s Big Brother looks set to spectacularly backfire in his face this Friday. The 18 year old student is the red-hot favourite at 1/14 with Paddy Power to become the second housemate evicted.

This week’s nominations have yet to be confirmed by Big Brother, but everything is pointing to a head to head battle between Cairon and posh toff Freddie, aka ‘Halfwit’. 23 year old Oxford University graduate Freddie looks a safe bet at 6/1 to escape eviction this week.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “So much for Cairon finishing in the top five! He may have quietened down a little in the house of late but his previous spats with housemate Sree and his loudmouth behaviour looks to have sealed his fate!”

Meanwhile, bi-sexual Brazilian student Rodrigo’s lip locking with Charlie appears to have made him even more popular with viewers. Paddy Power have nipped his odds to 4/1 from 5/1 and he currently heads the betting, followed closely by Angel at 9/2. Irish cailin Noirin is 10/1 to go the distance.

Big Brother Betting

Next Eviction
1/14 Cairon
6/1 Freddie, (Halfwit)

Who will win Big Brother?
4/1 Rodrigo
9/2 Angel
7/1 Freddie (Halfwit)
8/1 Charlie
10/1 Noirin
12/1 Siavash
14/1 Marcus
18/1 Kris
20/1 Sree
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Karly
40/1 Cairon
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

Kris & Sophie Specials

Did Kris & Sophie they have sex?
8/11 Yes
Evs No

Kris & Sophie Specials
11/8 Kris & Sophie to break up on Big Brother
4/1 Kris & Sophie to have a baby before 2011
8/1 Kris & Sophie to marry before 2011
12/1 Kris & Sophie to be evicted by BB for having a false relationship

Bet with PaddyPower and get a free £25 bet

Odds on Sex in the BB10 Household

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

A crazy week so far in the Big Brother household. House mates Kris Donnelly and blonde bombshell Sophie Reade, aka ‘Dogface’, may have done the dirty deed after enjoying a passionate romp under the covers in the Big Brother house.

While viewers will more than certainly have to wait until one of them leaves the house to find out for sure, cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power is offering fans the chance to bet on whether or not the couple got down and dirty.

Paddy Power’s odds are very tight, but at 8/11, the bookie is leaning in the direction that a sex session did take place in this year’s house.

While there have been many ‘did they or didn’t they’ moments, the last housemate who officially claimed to have gone the distance in the BB house was Makosi back in 2005. She shared a romp in the pool with Anthony and later claimed she could be pregnant!

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “Did they, or didn’t they? That’s the big question now and Big Brother fans have gone into overdrive speculating. Whether they did or didn’t, their romp under the duvet has certainly injected a bit of life into the show!”

Ladies man Kris and saucy Sophie better be very careful though. Paddy Power are quoting 12/1 that the pair get the boot from the house for participating in a false relationship!

Seperately, Angel has been well backed and is now the joint favourite at 5/1 alongside Rodrigo to win this year’s Big Brother.

Did they have sex?
8/11 Yes
Evs No

Should be an easy one to answer this if you watch it all. Bet at Paddypower

Kris & Sophie Specials
11/8 Kris & Sophie to break up on Big Brother
4/1 Kris & Sophie to have a baby before 2011
8/1 Kris & Sophie to marry before 2011
12/1 Kris & Sophie to be evicted by BB for having a false relationship

Who will win Big Brother?
5/1 Angel
5/1 Rodrigo
7/1 Freddie (Halfwit)
7/1 Charlie
9/1 Siavash
10/1 Noirin
12/1 Marcus
16/1 Kris
20/1 Cairon
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Karly
33/1 Sree
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)