Bookies we use

Here is the list of Bookmakers we currently use, mainly because they are reputable, on oddschecker and don’t charge fees for depositing and withdrawing.  They are roughly in the order they are from left to right on oddschecker.  We almost always go with the best price.  Bookmakers all sell a standard product so to us thats the only thing that differentiates them. 

Bet365 – absolutely solid and one to take the number for when in the pub.  01782 684757 (some bookmakers only offer free phone numbers which cost on my mobile, they really should get a clue).  Early odds and excellent Asian Handicaps, this would be the bookmaker I would chose if I was restricted to one. 

Betfair – not a bookmaker but offer really good odds.  Only other bookie number I have in my phone, number is 0208 8348060.  You have to put £20 or £50 on minimum though so its not one to use if you are just having a cheeky fiver.  Only choice for me with in running bets.  I suspect that some bookies maybe better than betfair for in-running but have I got the patience to find out?  No. 

Totesport – pretty goods sometimes.  They don’t change their odds very much so come Saturday morning they still offer some good prices. Government owned so you’re winning off everyone when you beat these. 

Boylesport – I like these.  First bet I placed with them I won free tickets to see Sunderland/ Reading.  No use to me in Sheffield but I had a mate up there that used them.  Odds are good if you get on early. 

Betfred – love their 7th Heaven coupon.  You can get some excellent prices if you combine 2 bankers with an even money home win.  Asian Handicaps are good too. 

Sportingbet – I am boycotting them at the moment as they won’t tell me the results of a competition they ran.  Sometimes offer good odds, not going to use them until they answer my query though. 

VcBet – Good for Asian Handicaps (not as good as bet365 though).  Some nice promotions too, mostly useless but you find the odd gem.

Bluesquare – I think this may have been the first bookmaker I ever signed up to.  Sometimes excellent odds but usually middle of the road.   

PaddyPower – Very good bookmaker, lots of money back specials but they are all useless for people like me that don’t be on the mugs market. 

Betdirect – Another good bookmaker, lots of offers but mainly useless.  If I am struggling for bets I sometimes check their happy hour prices.  Occasional bargain to be had. 

Extrabet – rarely use because the odds aren’t very good but have an account for when they do happen to have a good price. 

Skybet – sometimes very good odds. Slow to change their odds.  Sometimes do come out with a good 1X2 price.

StanJames – sometimes good for Asian Handicaps and 1X2.  Odds change very little so sometimes best price if other bookies have reduced their’s. 

Ladbrokes – I really dislike this bookie.  Odds are almost always perfect, so no chance of ever beating Mr Ladbrokes.  Whenever they do go best price it usually loses.  I do use them but mainly for Asian Handicaps (they ae slow to change their lines).  A win off these fellows is always sweeter.

Coral – Pretty good, used them more for rugby than football.

Willhill – Solid but unremarkable.  Haven’t placed a bet with them for months.  Don’t do Asian Handicaps and prices middle of the road.  They love Pod though, they keep sending free bet offers and deposit free money in to his casino account. 

Canbet – not on oddschecker but their prices are usually excellent so its worth going over to betbrain and checking their prices.  Annoying they don’t remember your card details.  They should really should sort that out. 

So there you have it.  All prices quoted on the blog are from one of the above bookmakers.  Asian Handicap odds are from Bet365, Canbet, VcBet, Ladbrokes, StanJames , Betdirect  or Betfred .  Used to do Asian Handicaps almost exclusively at Betfair  but they changed the commission to 5% (from 1%) so its much better value looking on oddschecker and betbrain  for Asian Handicap prices than it is to go on betfair.