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Nice special bet from Paddy Power

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

With the John Terry, Ryan Giggs and Rio Ferdinand scandals still fresh in the memory, Paddy Power have opened a book on who is going to be the next love cheat. Here are the current odds
Number of love cheats during 2011/2012 PL season
40/1 None
9/4 1 to 2
11/10 3 to 4
2/1 5 or more

Singles Only,
Applies to the number of Premier League footballers that have extra-marital affairs exposed during the 2011/2012 Premier League season,
Must be printed on the front page of a red-top national tabloid by end May 2012,PP decision final.

I have been tempted in to betting on none. There are only a handful of premiership footballers that would ever make it on to the front page of a national red top and with all the publicity, the footballers are going to be extra careful not to get caught. I think that 40/1 for no premiership footballers is too high.

I was going to have a cheeky tenner on it but the most they’ll let you have on zero footballers is £8.94.

click here to join me. Pod reckons its crazy and someone is bound to be outed within 3 months. I think its got to be worth it for a tenner though.