Upate and Rebbeca Black Youtube betting specials

Long time no blog. We have a syndicate again but we are trading on betfair. We are betting on markets that have little liquidity and so putting our bets on the internet probably isn’t the best idea.

We’ll be using this blog in future to put out some fun bets we have had. First off is the Rebecca Black youtube specials.

We’ve gone for the video to get over 100 million views by the end of the year at Paddypower.

Rebecca Black Specials Hide
Singles Only.
Must happen by end of 2012.
PP decision final.
Rebecca Black’s Friday to reach 100 million views on youtube 4/9
Rebecca Black to record a duet with Justin Bieber 6/1
Rebecca Black’s debut album to go platinum 9/1
Rebecca Black’s Friday to reach No.1 in the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart 16/1
Rebecca Black to become a judge on X Factor US 33/1
Rebecca Black to win a Grammy 80/1

Please help us out by watching the video here.

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