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February Update

Monday, February 15th, 2010

January was a bad month, February, just more of the same. Here’s the months summary from a text message Pod sent me.

Everton/ Wigan overs. -£100
Liverpool/ Chelsea double +£87
Sunderland win -£100
Roma/ Real Madrid and a tennis bet treble -£100
Madrid Win +£90
Newcastle win -£100
Birmingham/ Man City/ Chelsea Treble -£100
Villa/ Fulham Double -£77
Grim reading. Bad month. Just wire me the money when you’ve got it.

So its another bankrupt month. Running total is -£1306. Sound a lot but if you look at it this way, its 3 years entertainment.

Lessons to be learnt from this month, don’t back Man City. They are the new Liverpool when it comes to screwing bets over.

Next month will be better.