January Update

Its been a while. We have still been betting, well, losing, just not been updating the site. Last month we ended up £36 down. That ends or winning streak.

This month has been a disaster. First bet won but that was only £50. From then we had 4 losing bets in a row, with the last bet being for £150. That bankrupts us for this month. Very disappointing. Overall loss in 3 years is £906.

Pod’s been doing some solo betting. He’s been winning but Spurs yesterday screwed him over a little. We’ll be back next month. I still think that there is money to be made in football betting. Just need to pick better games.

4 Responses to “January Update”

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  2. bookmakers Says:

    Jan was a tough month for punters in general, results did not match historical trends…

  3. Sandracer Says:

    Aside the spam, why have ypu stopped posting?

    Should keep at it. Keep the site alive boys.


  4. Case de pariuri Says:

    Jan don’t quit it! It was a hard month for everyone! All my premium tipsters had very very poor results!

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