Online Casinos

We sometimes play casinos online. It can be a fun past time. Here’s our guide to casinos

First off, casinos are places to play for fun. Theoretically you can win at blackjack at a land casino but all other games, you will eventually lose. The only way you can win at blackjack is to count cards. As casinos frown upon this, you are likely to get barred. Roulette can be beat with special devices but these are banned in casinos too.

Online its slightly different. You can not win at all in the long term. There is no scope for card counting as decks are shuffled after every hand and you cannot user any lazer devices as the casinos use a random number generator rather than a ball. You can be up in the short term but eventually the house edge will get you. This is how casinos sucker you in online. As the house edge is tiny its possible to be up in the short term due to just random fluctuations.

We generally play blackjack as its a game where you actually have some control over the outcome. Roulette is OK but its all luck. No skill at all. They payout is 97.3% no matter how you play. With blackjack, you have some control over the outcome. With certain favorable rules, you can get 99% payout in blackjack with perfect play. In the medium term that makes a difference to how much you are going to lose. In the long term, you’ll lose it all so it doesn’t really matter which game you play.

Casinos offer many other games too. A lot try to push slot machines. These payout around 95% which is a lot better than the machines in the pubs but compared to other casino games thats a poor payout. Baccarat and craps have decent payouts so if roulette and blackjack aren’t your cup of tea, you could try those games. Avoid online slots.

If you are going to play online casinos, make sure you set a deposit limit. Its so tempting to keep depositing money until its all gone. All responsible casino operators will have an option to limit daily/ weekly deposits. If you do find yourself losing lots of money, you can always self bar too.

So in summary, only play online casinos for fun. Expect to lose eventually and make sure you do gamble what you cannot afford to lose. With football betting, you can only bet on so many games a week but with casino, you can lose all your money in a night.

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