Our Guide to Online Poker

Online poker is one of our other pastimes. There are many poker room out there and picking one can be quite daunting. Not to worry, here’s our Online Poker Guide

Forget about sign up bonuses. In the long run, these mean nothing. Look for rakeback or loyalty points. These will payout as long as you play at the poker room. Sign up bonuses don’t last as long.

Pick a room with a big network. Many poker rooms are part of a network. This gives players a much wider range of players to play against than if each room was a separate entity. For example, Bet365 and Paddypower are part of the Ipoker network. You can sign up to either and play against the same players. All that would be different is the branding on the software, the sign up bonuses and on going loyalty bonuses. The actual players you play will be the same.

We would also recommend playing at stakes you are comfortable playing at from the start or playing at least 25/50c blinds. This is because below a certain level, you get people who aren’t really playing serious poker. When you have 5c/10c blinds, the pot might get up to $5 but to a lot of people that isn’t a lot of money so they will call you regardless. If you don’t get what we mean, then try playing free poker. People will go all in with any hand. Its not real poker its a lottery.

Play satellite tournaments occasionally. For a small amount, you can win very big if you get entry in to the higher rounds. As your loss is capped at your buy in, its a good way to get experience playing at a high level without the high cost. Thats how Pod managed to get to Vegas. He started off with a Satellite tournament and worked his way up. .

Finally, know when to quit. Some people are not cut out for online poker. If you find yourself losing consistently to bad beats then they’re probably not bad beats. All you are doing is giving your money away. There are other games of skill out there, where you can win money. Backgammon and Rummy spring to mind.

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