Football bets at Stelawton

If you are a regular reader to this blog, you know that its mainly about football betting. We do other types of betting but football is our bread and butter. We like football betting because the range of football bets is wide but the outcomes are limited. With limited outcomes there is less scope for bookies to add in over round.

Here is a brief description of our favourite football bets.

This is basically the win-draw-win market or home-draw-away market. 1X2 comes from the bookies coupon in a betting shop. You mark, 1 for a home win, X for a draw and 2 for the away win. Its a self explanatory bet. If you think the home team will win, you bet on the home win. If you think its going to be a draw, then bet on the draw and if you think its going to be an away win, you bet on the away win.

Asian Handicap.
This bet is popular in Asia. You don’t be on the straight result like in 1X2 betting but you bet on the handicap result. A team may get a head start. For example, Chelsea vs Manchester United at Stamford Bridge. Odds on the home win may be 1.91, draw, 3.25 and 4.0 for the away win. On the Asian Handicap, Chelsea will get -0.5 whereas Manchester United would get +0.5. At the end of the game, the handicaps are added to the score and the bet is paid out according to the result. Eg, if it finished 1-1, and you bet on Chelsea, you would lose at the Asian Handicap score would be 0.5 -1.

Unders/ Overs in the goal market.
Betting on scores is useful, when we don’t know who is going to win but know what type of games its going to be. Sometimes, you look at a fixture and you think they could play for 900 minutes and no one is going to score, whereas other times, you can spot a goal feast. Unders generally happen more often than overs so the odds are usually poor. (Think of all those 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, 1-1 scores).

Strong double.
Sometimes, we think a team is going to win but the odds are something like 1.4. Not really a good payout. Find 2 of those, double them in a bet and you almost get even money. We’ve found this to be more profitable to betting on a single at similar odds. The key is to stick to doubles or at most go in to trebles, Any more and it seems like the betting gods strike you down.

So there you have our favourite football bets. We bet on other things like, draw no bet, 1X2 handicaps, anytime goal scorers, etc but they all depend on the price. You can occasionally find good value bets in those but stick with the 1X2, Asian Handicaps, Unders/ Overs and Strong Doubles and you won’t go far wrong.

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