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Back to square one almost

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Well, last set of bets went lost 1 won 2. Birmingham scored against Arsenal so that did us in. We did profit overall though £94, bank at +£134.

Monday we had Fulham to beat Hull. 1.67. Fulham win 2-0. £67 profit.
Tuesday we had Sheffield Wednesday to win, lost 2-1, £100 lost.
Saturday, we had Burnley/ Wigan overs. Finished 1-3. £104 profit.

Then today, we’ve had a bit of a disaster. Bolton/Everton unders. Finished 3-2. Also had City to win to nil. Its 2-2 now. Thats £200 lost altogether today. Totting it all up, we are £5 up over the month.

Its been a very tricky weekend betting wise. All my personal bets have gone tits up. Bookies must be clawing back all that money the punters won when there was a lack of draw in the premiership.

This weekends bets

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

We took a break for the internationals. Pod wanted England -2 on the Asian against Belarus. I didn’t fancy it so we didn’t have it. England won 3-0. Feels like a loss to him but you can’t look at it that way. We’ve loads of potential bets not placed. You got to offset that with all the bets we didn’t have and would have lost.

Anyway, 3 bets this weekend so far.

Arsenal to win to nil. 1.91. Birmingham couldn’t score in a brothel and are certainly not going to get past a Arsenal defence.

Portsmouth/ Spurs overs. 1.84. Spurs games are usually overs. Away win is 1.91 but we decided to go with overs as it covers more likely scores.

Sheffield Wednesday win. 2.1. Not a clue about this. Pod’s bet of the week.

£100 on each.

Weekend Bets – Good start to the month

Monday, October 5th, 2009

A bit late with the update but this month has started well. Just 2 bets.

Spurs/ Bolton overs. £100 at 1.8 after commission on Betfair. Finished 2-2 so bank up to +£80.

Second bet didn’t go as well. It was a perm of doubles on the Man U and Arsenal games. We figured they’d be low scoring to nil scores. So we permed 1-0 and 2-0 in 4 doubles a tenner on each. Epic fail as Man U finished 2-2 and Arsenal 6-2.

So bank after the weekend, +£40.