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End of the month – Second highest winning month

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Espanyol drew 0-0. I looked at the stats and they won, practically all their home games this year and their opponents, lost practically all their away games. You can’t win them all. Bank down to £449.

Tonight we had City on the Asian handicap. I put in on last night at 1.8 -1. This morning it had dropped to 1.68 but then rose up to kick off to 1.9. Madness. I was a bit worried as odds generally don’t move like that. I heard the starting team and was reassured. City ended up winning 3-1, so handicap cleared. Bank now at £529.

Thats it for the month. Not bothering with the Champions League. Its our second biggest winning month. You have to go back to August 2007 when we won £570 to beat our total for this month. I can imagine the bookies are down as there haven’t been any pesky draws.

All time running total is now -£475. Its not bad since we’ve been going for 31 months. Its actually 4 months profit in a row. Fingers crossed for a good October.

What a month

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Yesterday could not really have gone better for the syndicate. Wednesday win 3-1 and Rotherham 3-0. Bank this month is +£549.

Personally, it wasn’t such a good day. Villa and Chelsea busted my 6 fold and my clawback mission failed. I lumped on Arsenal/ Fulham overs but it ended 1-0.

Today’s bet is Espanyol @1.57. Not a clue but Pod’s on a roll so just having a tonne on it.

Weekend bets 06/09/09

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

So our mega favourites messed up. Only 1 of the 5 won. Guess Europa League is something that should be avoided.

We didn’t have any bets last weekend. Nothing on the coupon stood out.

Midweek, we had some Carling Cup action. We had Spurs/ Villa Double and Man City Single. £100 on each. The bookies must have thought it was Christmas when City drew in normal time. That must have screwed so many accumulators up. Spurs/ Villa came in anyway. Net profit from the night, £40. Well on paper. I for some reason put Spurs/ City double on instead but thats my retarded mistake. Bank is now at +£298.

This weekend, despite the easiest Premiership coupon I’ve seen in ages, we haven’t gone for any selections in there. We’ve gone for Wednesday at 2.6 and Rotherham at 1.91. £100 each. I don’t know much about these teams. They are Pod’s selections. Both at home though so thats promising.

Mega Favourites European Betting

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

This is one of those crazy accumulators that pay little and some team is going to screw us over. Seem to be doing well on those though so we thought we’d have another pop.

1 Ajax @ 1.28
2 Hertha Berlin @ 1.25
3 Benfica @ 1.28
4 Lazio @ 1.44
5 Steaua Bucharest @ 1.44
Multiple Bets
1 x 50.00 5 Folds
Stake: 50.00
Potential Winnings: 165.54

We know very little about these teams. Just going on names and odds. Fingers crossed for a little luck.

Champions League bets

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

German women’s football team hammer England. Looked at the stats after and England were 7/1 for a good reason. Bank was at +£224.

A good week this Champions League. Only team that let us down was Athletico Madrid. We had them in a treble with Real and Chelsea. Would have paid about 2.1. Athletico drew 0-0. The price on the single was just 1.2. That would have busted many an accumulator I think. Luckily we had Man U clean sheet. That paid 1.91 and Man U won 1-0. Bank after Tuesday was +£215.

Tonight we had Liverpool and Lyon double at 1.93 and Inter draw no bet at 2.26. First bet won and the second bet a push. Profit of £93 making the bank £308. Its the most we’ve been up in a while. Happy days for now. We probably could have made more as we were considering unders in the Liverpool game and going for a straight draw on the Inter/ Barca game. Still in profit at about half way through the month.

England Women v Germany Patriotic Punt

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

Yesterday’s footy went our way. Those ten to one on shots at football very rarely lose. That was a £98 win so bank up to +£231.

Today we are having a cheeky patriotic punt on England womens football against Germany. I know nothing about this. Pod’s watching the build up to it and commentators said that Germany aren’t sparkling this year and England have a good chance. They are 7/1. Was going to be a tenner but Sporting bet for some reason limited the stake to £7.14. Thats to win £50. I guess its to stop them getting shafted in these obscure markets. Bank will either be +£281 or +£224.

International Midweek Bets

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

Well, I did manage to talk Pod round about Belgium. Good job too. Belgium lost 2-1. I didn’t manage to get the bet on before the Czech Republic kicked off. Managed to get on

Sweden 1/10
Israel 1/10
Germany 1/50
Spain 1/20
Russia 4/7?

Straight accumulator. Came to 1.98. Swedes left it late. Not something you want from a ten to one on away from home. All other games looking good. £100 staked.

Midweek bets and last weekends betting

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

At the weekend we had the most obvious treble on the friendlies coupon.  England, Germany and Holland.  It paid evens.  I am always worried when teams play friendlies.  You never know how they are going to play.  Anyway, it all came in.  £100 won and its always sweeter when the bookie is Ladbrokes.  Still probably a few hundred down from those fellows over the years.  I hate Ladbrokes with a vengeance.

Bank up to +£133.

Midweek, I got this text from Pod,

Czech republic, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Israel and Belgium.  Pays 2.19 at Corals, should be nailed on.  Only dodgy one is Belgium but that boosts the price.

Looking at the odds on coral, some joke prices in there.

Czech Rep v San Marino 1/100
Armenia v Belgium 4/6
Malta v Sweden 1/10
Israel v Luxembourg 1/10
Germany v Azerbaijan 1/50
Spain v Estonia 1/20

Basically, he wants us to bet on Belgian to win against Armenia. I think I’ll get him to swap the Belgian game for the Wales Russia game. Wales are out of the competition now and Russia have everything to play for. No bet yet but looks like we are having some stupid accumulator.

August Update and Tennis Betting

Friday, September 4th, 2009

So, August looked like it was going to end with a nice profit. Man City won and our bank was up to +£128. Pod was on holiday so no more bets for the month. But… mobile technology allowed us to plot our next losing bet. We had £100 on Arsenal on the Asian to beat Man U. Started off good but the lucky Man U won. Bank finished up at +£28.

So this month, we’ve had a tennis bet. Not a clue about it but a friend of Pod’s is a professional tennis bettor. He sits at home with his copy of Bet Angel Pro and just trades tennis games. He gave us a tip. It came in at 1.33. So bank is now +£33.

This weekend is the internationals. Tempted to slap everything on a straight England win. I’ll see what Pod thinks.