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Come on Man City

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Liverpool game ended up 3-1 to Villa. A nice win. The alternative was the home win which we are glad we dodged. Bank now +£3.

This week we had just a single double bet. Spurs and Man City double. Both were 1.5. Double pays 2.25. Spurs win easily. Tonight, City have put out their full strength side against Warnock’s Palace. Almost tempted to count the money now.

I have had a cheeky ton side bet at 1.44. Bookies dropped prices I guess when they saw the team sheet.

Monday night bet

Monday, August 24th, 2009

So, something did go wrong with the multiple bets we had. Should have maybe just bet on overs. Bank £20 down after that.

We tried to claw some back on the late West Brom/ Ipswich kick off. Two bets sprung to mind. West Brom straight win at 1.8 or over 2.5 goals at 1.91. Game ended 2-0 to West Brom and they missed a penalty. Guess what bet we had? Overs. Bank down to -£120.

Lucky for us, we lumped on England to win the cricket. Draw no bet was 1.18. This was after, Australia needed to beat the world record to win. That was a crazy price. Sometimes, you get Chelsea at home at those odds. Anyway, we had £180 on that, making £32. Bank down to -£88. Quite a come down from +£202 this time last week.

Tonight we are having overs on the Liverpool/ Villa match. £100 at 1.91. Liverpool should murder Villa tonight. Another 5-0 would be nice.

This weekends bets

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

So this week we were going to have some unders/overs bets.  Pods picks 6 games,

Birmingham v Stoke Under  2.5  @ 1.60

Hull v Bolton Under  2.5  @ 1.75

Sunderland v Blackburn Under  2.5  @ 1.70

Wigan v Man Utd Under  2.5  @ 1.80

West Brom v Ipswich Over  2.5  @ 1.85

Reading v Sheff Utd Under  2.5  @ 1.61

Looking at the odds though, they are shocking.  Its as if the whole world has jumped on the unders bandwagon.  We’d have expected Man U to be odds against. At those prices it probably worth backing the overs.

So we have decided to have a few fun bets.  We’ve just permed them.  15 four folds, 6 five folds and an accumulator.

15 x 1.00 4 Folds
Stake: 15.00
Potential Winnings: 115.61

6 x 1.00 5 Folds
Stake: 6.00
Potential Winnings: 83.61

1 x 1.00 6 Folds
Stake: 1.00
Potential Winnings: 24.61

Total Stake: 22.00. So if it all goes wrong the bank will be -£20.

We should stick to what we know

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

So after a good start to the month things are going pear shaped.  Last night we had Notts County to win.  WTF do we know about league 2 football?  Are Chesterfield any good?  May as well have asked my magic 8 ball.

Anyway, £100 on them lost.  2 penalties in 2 minutes put Chesterfield up.  County scored a consolation but no good for us.

Bank now down to +£2.  Whoopie.

This weekend we are going to try some unders/ overs betting.  Seem to do better at that.

Why oh, Why, Oh Why?

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

So a good weekend of betting.  Chelsea only came good at the last minute but a win is a win.  Villa Wigan ended up 2-0 so unders came in.  That double paid out £120.

Everton/ Arsenal ended up with 7 goals.  Unders bet was written off before half time.  You can’t win them all.  Luckily all the others came in.  With Man U being unders and being good odds (about 2.25) our treble left us with a £20 profit.

So bank after the weekend was £202.  I saw was because our favourite team to lose money on drew today.  We had £100 on Sheffield United to beat Leicester.  Game ended 1-1.  I think I am going to hang up next time Pod suggests we bet on Sheffield United.  Bookies best friend in the Championship.

Anyway, bank now +£102.

Weekend bets 15th -16th August

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Rotherham leave it late but come good.  They win 1-0 scoring in the 89th minute or something like that.  Was going to write that one off too.  Anyway, thats a win so bank this month is +£62.

This week we are placing our bets early.  Pod’s away this weekend and so am I.  I don’t think much will change from now until the Saturday kick off.

Looking at the coupon the only bet we are confident about is Chelsea vs Hull.  Man U Birmingham looks like a home win but at 1.2 its not worth it.  Man U have been known to get off to slow starts.

The other market we have been looking at, well Pod has, is the unders/overs market.  He’s picked 4 games he thinks will be unders.  Man U, Villa, Everton and Portsmouth.  There is no system to this, he just looks at the games and picks them.  We are having these in trebles and a four fold.  So thats 4 trebles and 1 four fold, tenner each.  £50 staked.  If 3 come in, we just about break even, maybe a small profit.  Its payday if they all come in.

Other bet is Villa/ Wigan unders and Chelsea win.  The double pays 2.2.  Villa is the only other odds on team on the couple.  I can’t see why that is.  Villa’s form dropped off a cliff last season.  1.7 is a joke of a price.  We’ve gone unders instead with the Chelsea banker.  £100 on that ar 2.2.

New Season Betting

Saturday, August 8th, 2009

So the footy season has started again.  We didn’t bother last night as Sheffield United are such a bad team to bet on.  Last month we ended up £107.  Our free bet was placed on some horse in Newcastle.  Apparently came second.  As it was a free bet it didn’t matter.

Its always dodgy betting on the first game of the season without any form.  We’ve decided to go for the 1 game today.  Rotherham to beat Accrington.  Pod says that they were only relegated from League 1 due to a points deduction.  They have more or less the same team as last year and were chasing promotion to the Championship.  This points to them being in the wrong league.  They are second favourites to win it after Nott County.

So £100 on a straight win at 1.62.

Updated the grand total too.  Total loss is now £1032.   We should make that back this year with a bit of luck.