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£107 up and a Free £100 bet

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Well our J League 2 bet lost. FT was 1-1. Does seem totally stupid looking at foreign leagues and backing odds on favourites. Bank down to +£10.

Since then our luck has changed a bit. First off we had USA to beat Honduras. Odds only 1.36 but that was a bargain. USA are decent at soccer. Had £110 on that so £40 profit. Bank at +£50.

Then today our Bet on Brann came in too. £100 at 4/7 meant £100 profit. Bank now at £107. Just as important we have a free £100 bet at Paddypower. As we aren’t going to get the stake back on that we are going to stick it on a horse later this month.

If you have any betting tips for this month please email tips @ Help is always appreciated.

More bets

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

So since last time we have had a couple of bets. First we had Cork City to beat St Patrick at 8/13. Cork lost 1-0. Bank down to +£110.

Today we are having Vegalta Sendai vs Thespa Kusatsu, home win at 1.5. £100. Currently 0-0.

These are Pod’s bets as I have no idea about the Irish Leagues let alone the J League 2. Seems a bit stupid to me betting on leagues you don’t know about just based on odds. Fingers crossed for a win anyway.


Monday, July 6th, 2009

Well we have had a bet this month. I wasn’t expecting to be betting until the Premiership started. With little interest in Big Brother 10 and no real interest in any other sport we weren’t going to bother.

Anyway, marketing does work on some people. Pod got an email from Paddypower saying that, they were having a special. Place 5 bets in July and whatever the average amount of the bets is, they will give you a free bet up to £100 to use in July. Bets must be 1/3 or better. Not a sparkling offer but OK.

So our mission is to place 5 bets with Paddypower this July. First bet has gone well. SK Brann vs Fredrikstad FK. Brann were 1.67. Pod phones up to put the bet on. They have some disagreement out the special offer so 10 minutes later he gets to put the bet on. Odds have gone up for Brann as Fredrikstad have scored. Price was 2/1.

After some relief that we dodged a bullet, we decided to stick it on Brann anyway at 2/1. If we were going to have the bet at 1.67, 3.00 is a bargain. Pod rings up again and gets 3.1 for £100. They left it late but Brann come good. Bank at +£210.

So 4 more bets to go until we get our free bet from Paddypower. Next bet is Brann again vs Lyn Oslo in the Norwegian cup. Price is 4/7. Not a clue about this but generally, 4/7 teams win their games.