Another dead cert BB10 eviction

To be honest, I haven’t been watching this and no one I know has either. Maybe the end of the road for the franchise. PaddyPower still are taking bets on it though so someone must be watching it.

Time has finally run out for Indian Business student Sree according to Irish bookmaker Paddy Power who make the 25-year-old their red-hot 1/50 favourite to get the boot from the Big Brother house this Friday.

Paddy Power said “Sree’s constant whinging has wrecked everyone’s head lately, housemates and viewers alike. We’re absolutely certain that he’s be packing his bags and out the door come Friday night”

No stranger to nominations Freddie joins Sree in the firing line this week however his odds of 10/1 suggest that he’ll once again successfully dodge the eviction bullet.

Next Eviction
1/50 Sree
10/1 Freddie (Halfwit)

Outright Winner
7/4 Freddie (Halfwit)
9/2 Rodrigo
11/2 Siavash
6/1 Charlie
12/1 Noirin
14/1 Karly
20/1 Sophie (Dogface)
20/1 Marcus
33/1 Kris
40/1 Lisa
80/1 Sree
6/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

All prices remain subject to fluctuation. You can bet with Paddypower. 1/50 is still a 2% return in about 3 days which isn’t too bad.

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