Odds on Sex in the BB10 Household

A crazy week so far in the Big Brother household. House mates Kris Donnelly and blonde bombshell Sophie Reade, aka ‘Dogface’, may have done the dirty deed after enjoying a passionate romp under the covers in the Big Brother house.

While viewers will more than certainly have to wait until one of them leaves the house to find out for sure, cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power is offering fans the chance to bet on whether or not the couple got down and dirty.

Paddy Power’s odds are very tight, but at 8/11, the bookie is leaning in the direction that a sex session did take place in this year’s house.

While there have been many ‘did they or didn’t they’ moments, the last housemate who officially claimed to have gone the distance in the BB house was Makosi back in 2005. She shared a romp in the pool with Anthony and later claimed she could be pregnant!

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “Did they, or didn’t they? That’s the big question now and Big Brother fans have gone into overdrive speculating. Whether they did or didn’t, their romp under the duvet has certainly injected a bit of life into the show!”

Ladies man Kris and saucy Sophie better be very careful though. Paddy Power are quoting 12/1 that the pair get the boot from the house for participating in a false relationship!

Seperately, Angel has been well backed and is now the joint favourite at 5/1 alongside Rodrigo to win this year’s Big Brother.

Did they have sex?
8/11 Yes
Evs No

Should be an easy one to answer this if you watch it all. Bet at Paddypower

Kris & Sophie Specials
11/8 Kris & Sophie to break up on Big Brother
4/1 Kris & Sophie to have a baby before 2011
8/1 Kris & Sophie to marry before 2011
12/1 Kris & Sophie to be evicted by BB for having a false relationship

Who will win Big Brother?
5/1 Angel
5/1 Rodrigo
7/1 Freddie (Halfwit)
7/1 Charlie
9/1 Siavash
10/1 Noirin
12/1 Marcus
16/1 Kris
20/1 Cairon
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Karly
33/1 Sree
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

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