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Another dead cert BB10 eviction

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

To be honest, I haven’t been watching this and no one I know has either. Maybe the end of the road for the franchise. PaddyPower still are taking bets on it though so someone must be watching it.

Time has finally run out for Indian Business student Sree according to Irish bookmaker Paddy Power who make the 25-year-old their red-hot 1/50 favourite to get the boot from the Big Brother house this Friday.

Paddy Power said “Sree’s constant whinging has wrecked everyone’s head lately, housemates and viewers alike. We’re absolutely certain that he’s be packing his bags and out the door come Friday night”

No stranger to nominations Freddie joins Sree in the firing line this week however his odds of 10/1 suggest that he’ll once again successfully dodge the eviction bullet.

Next Eviction
1/50 Sree
10/1 Freddie (Halfwit)

Outright Winner
7/4 Freddie (Halfwit)
9/2 Rodrigo
11/2 Siavash
6/1 Charlie
12/1 Noirin
14/1 Karly
20/1 Sophie (Dogface)
20/1 Marcus
33/1 Kris
40/1 Lisa
80/1 Sree
6/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

All prices remain subject to fluctuation. You can bet with Paddypower. 1/50 is still a 2% return in about 3 days which isn’t too bad.

Thank you Paddypower

Friday, June 26th, 2009

I was just checking my account today as am going to have a cheeky go on their blackjack table. The crazy Irish bookmaker paid out on a bet I had last month.

I had a cheeky £20 that Gordon Brown would be gone between June and August. After a few days it looked really likely but then it suddenly all died down. I had written it off. So I check my account today and boom, there’s £45 in there. Looks like they did one of their publicity stunts and it’s backfired on them.

The reason I play blackjack at Paddypower is because they have a low roller table. You can bet 10p up to £5 so you don’t get carried away and start playing £100 a hand. Sign up here if you fancy it.

Odds on Angel Getting Evicted from BB10

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Angel is the red-hot favourite at 1/25 with bookmaker Paddy Power to get the boot from the Big Brother house tomorrow night. Sounds nailed on this. It would take the mother of all swings to turn this one around. 1/25 = 4% return on investment in 2 days. Can’t see Mr Paddypower letting you stick 10K on it though.

The 35 year-old Russian boxer and artist got on the wrong side of her fellow housemates when she said both glamour model Sophie and blonde babe Carly were ‘fat’. And the criticism didn’t stop there. Fitness freak Angel also insulted Dublin beauty Noirin by announcing she had a ‘fat bottom’!

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “It’s hard to believe that Angel was once the favourite to win Big Brother and walk away with the £100,000 prize money. It really goes to show just how quickly the public can change their mind about someone! After her fat jibes there’s a fat chance Angel will survive the wrath of the public this week!”

This week’s eviction brings to three the number of times that Freddie, aka ‘Halfwit’ has been nominated to face the public vote. Although Freddie is clearly not liked by his fellow housemates the posh toff is proving a real hit with punters and Big Brother fans and is now the 5/2 clear favourite to win this year’s series followed by former Mr Gay UK Charlie at 5/1 and events organiser Siavash at 6/1.

Who will win Big Brother?
5/2 Freddie (Halfwit)
5/1 Charlie
6/1 Siavash
7/1 Rodrigo
8/1 Noirin
10/1 Karly
20/1 Kris
20/1 Marcus
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Sree
50/1 Angel
11/2 Any Other (Not Listed)

Eviction Betting
1/25 Angel
8/1 Freddie (Halfwit)

Bet with PaddyPower

Cairon Odds on Favourite for 2nd Eviction

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Cairon’s prediction that he’ll finish in the top five in this year’s Big Brother looks set to spectacularly backfire in his face this Friday. The 18 year old student is the red-hot favourite at 1/14 with Paddy Power to become the second housemate evicted.

This week’s nominations have yet to be confirmed by Big Brother, but everything is pointing to a head to head battle between Cairon and posh toff Freddie, aka ‘Halfwit’. 23 year old Oxford University graduate Freddie looks a safe bet at 6/1 to escape eviction this week.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “So much for Cairon finishing in the top five! He may have quietened down a little in the house of late but his previous spats with housemate Sree and his loudmouth behaviour looks to have sealed his fate!”

Meanwhile, bi-sexual Brazilian student Rodrigo’s lip locking with Charlie appears to have made him even more popular with viewers. Paddy Power have nipped his odds to 4/1 from 5/1 and he currently heads the betting, followed closely by Angel at 9/2. Irish cailin Noirin is 10/1 to go the distance.

Big Brother Betting

Next Eviction
1/14 Cairon
6/1 Freddie, (Halfwit)

Who will win Big Brother?
4/1 Rodrigo
9/2 Angel
7/1 Freddie (Halfwit)
8/1 Charlie
10/1 Noirin
12/1 Siavash
14/1 Marcus
18/1 Kris
20/1 Sree
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Karly
40/1 Cairon
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

Kris & Sophie Specials

Did Kris & Sophie they have sex?
8/11 Yes
Evs No

Kris & Sophie Specials
11/8 Kris & Sophie to break up on Big Brother
4/1 Kris & Sophie to have a baby before 2011
8/1 Kris & Sophie to marry before 2011
12/1 Kris & Sophie to be evicted by BB for having a false relationship

Bet with PaddyPower and get a free £25 bet

Odds on Sex in the BB10 Household

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

A crazy week so far in the Big Brother household. House mates Kris Donnelly and blonde bombshell Sophie Reade, aka ‘Dogface’, may have done the dirty deed after enjoying a passionate romp under the covers in the Big Brother house.

While viewers will more than certainly have to wait until one of them leaves the house to find out for sure, cheeky bookmaker Paddy Power is offering fans the chance to bet on whether or not the couple got down and dirty.

Paddy Power’s odds are very tight, but at 8/11, the bookie is leaning in the direction that a sex session did take place in this year’s house.

While there have been many ‘did they or didn’t they’ moments, the last housemate who officially claimed to have gone the distance in the BB house was Makosi back in 2005. She shared a romp in the pool with Anthony and later claimed she could be pregnant!

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said: “Did they, or didn’t they? That’s the big question now and Big Brother fans have gone into overdrive speculating. Whether they did or didn’t, their romp under the duvet has certainly injected a bit of life into the show!”

Ladies man Kris and saucy Sophie better be very careful though. Paddy Power are quoting 12/1 that the pair get the boot from the house for participating in a false relationship!

Seperately, Angel has been well backed and is now the joint favourite at 5/1 alongside Rodrigo to win this year’s Big Brother.

Did they have sex?
8/11 Yes
Evs No

Should be an easy one to answer this if you watch it all. Bet at Paddypower

Kris & Sophie Specials
11/8 Kris & Sophie to break up on Big Brother
4/1 Kris & Sophie to have a baby before 2011
8/1 Kris & Sophie to marry before 2011
12/1 Kris & Sophie to be evicted by BB for having a false relationship

Who will win Big Brother?
5/1 Angel
5/1 Rodrigo
7/1 Freddie (Halfwit)
7/1 Charlie
9/1 Siavash
10/1 Noirin
12/1 Marcus
16/1 Kris
20/1 Cairon
25/1 Lisa
25/1 Sophie (Dogface)
25/1 Karly
33/1 Sree
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

BB10 First Evictions Odds Sophia Favourite

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Big Brother’s big mouth housemate Sophia is the red-hot favourite at 1/5 with Paddy Power to get the chop this Friday. Guess in a two horse race that makes her mega-favourite.

The 4ft nothing pint sized Londoner will go head to head with posh toff Freddie who annoyed all the housemates by cooking all the food in one day. But it’s Sophia who has pressed all the wrong buttons with the housemates and the game looks well and truly up for the feisty 26 year old.

Brazilian bi-sexual Rodrigo remains Paddy Power’s tip to win the series but former Mr Gay UK Charlie from Newcastle is hot on his heels at 11/2. Dubliner Noirin, who Paddy Power have nicknamed ‘Naughty Noirin’ is now on par with ladies man Kris at 12/1 to go the distance.

Sharon McHugh, Paddy Power’s showbiz betting expert said: “When Sophia first entered the house with that infectious laugh we had her down as one of our dark horses to win the show but it looks like her loud mouth landed her in trouble and there’s no way she’ll beat likeable Freddie in the public vote.”

Following the news that Noirin got frisky under the sheets on another reality TV show, Paddy Power are offering odds on whether or not she’ll get even naughtier in the Big Brother house. It’s 7/4 with Paddy Power that Noirin sunbaths topless in the house this summer, 2/1 she French kisses one of the girls, 9/4 she locks lips with ladies man Kris and 8/1 she goes the distance and has full sex in the Big Brother house.

Paddy Power has the latest Big Brother betting:

First Eviction

1/5 Sophia
3/1 Freddie

Who will win Big Brother?
3/1 Rodrigo
11/2 Charlie
8/1 Freddie
10/1 Cairon
10/1 Siavash
12/1 Kris
12/1 Noirin
16/1 Sophie
16/1 Angel
18/1 Sree
20/1 Lisa
20/1 Marcus
33/1 Karly
40/1 Sophia
40/1 Saffia
4/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

Naughty Noirin Specials
7/4 Noirin to sunbath topless in this years BB house
2/1 Noirin to French kiss one of the girls
9/4 Noirin to snog Kris
8/1 Noirin to get jiggy under the covers (sex in the house)

Bet with Paddypower.

BB10 Odds and Sods

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Its that time of year again for Big Brother. On to season 10 now. Might have a dabble on this. I need some tips from the real Steve Lawton who usually makes money from this.

Here’s the lowdown on this years betting from Paddypower. If you want to sign up and bet, it would be much appreciated as I get a commission for every person I refer. Use this link to get a free £25 bet.

Pretty Dubliner Noirin Kelly appears to be ‘undie-scrutiny’ with some Big Brother fans requesting odds on the Irish housemate becoming a lingerie model when her stint in the house is over. Paddy Power are quoting 8/1 that Noirin will become a lingerie model for her former employer Dunnes Stores when she leaves the Big Brother house.

The quirky sixteen have only been in the house less than 24 hours, but already this year’s Big Brother contestants are making a big impression on punters according to Paddy Power.

The bookie had expressed concerns earlier in the week that this year’s series could be a big disappointment with regards to viewing figures and number of bets placed. Last night’s launch show drew the lowest ever audience for a live BB show pulling in just 4.79m compared to last years 5.31m. But, all might not be lost for the longest running reality show.

In the 15 hours since the show launched Paddy Power have taken in over €20,000 on the series. If that trend continues, the bookie could see more than €1.8m wagered on this years show.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said “The viewing figures might have been down but so far the betting hasn’t been too bad on this year’s Big Brother. We’ve seen plenty of patriotic punts for the only Irish housemate Noirin but it’s bi-sexual Brazilian student Rodrigo that’s proving to be a huge hit with punters and he’s currently our biggest loser on the book.”

The largest bet placed so far on 25 year old Dubliner Noirin was €100 at 25/1, while the largest bet placed so far on Rodrigo has been €750 at odds of 4/1. Noirin’s odds have since been shortened to 14/1 following support for the former All-Ireland athletic champion.

Who will win Big Brother 10?
4/1 Rodrigo
11/2 Charlie
8/1 Kris
8/1 Sophia
10/1 Cairon
12/1 Marcus
14/1 Lisa
14/1 Noirin
14/1 Sree
16/1 Freddie
25/1 Sophie
25/1 Beinazir
25/1 Siavash
33/1 Angel
33/1 Karly
33/1 Saffia
3/1 Any Other (Not Listed)

Dunne Deal
8/1 Noirin to become a lingerie model for Dunnes Stores in 2009

Next person to become an official housemate
5/1 Charlie
6/1 Freddie
6/1 Sophia
8/1 Cairon
8/1 Siavash
8/1 Beinazir
10/1 Sophie
10/1 Angel
10/1 Saffia
12/1 Sree
12/1 Marcus
12/1 Karly

1st Eviction
9/4 Lisa
4/1 Noirin
12/1 Kris
14/1 Rodrigo

(others added as they become official housemates)

Click here to see Paddy Power’s full range of exciting Big Brother specials

England to win

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

A new month. Should be a short one as there isn’t much to bet on now the Premiership has finished.

First bet of the month is England to beat Kazakhstan to nil. Price is 1.73 at Bluesqaure. Its about 1.5 everywhere else.

England to win is only 1.17 which is like printing money but it seems like everytime we try print money, we end up losing. 1.73 is a decent price.

Updated the total for the time this blog has been up. -£1213. Terrible, terrible, terrible.