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A small consolation to a bad month

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

So today was the FA Cup final. We are technically bankrupt this month but we dipped in to the emergency fund. This could be a new betting strategy.

So what was the bet we had today? We bet on who would kick off on the FA Cup. No skill, just pure luck. I got a call from Pod saying that he had some insider information on the game. Expecting some great insider tip, he said, Chelsea don’t like kicking off in the first half and that Ladbrokes were offering 1.95 on Everton or 1.95 on Chelsea. Its just a flip of the coin bet.

Anyway, we stuck £120 on Everton to kick off. It won. £114 profit which makes this months loss only £295. Still terrible but at least we didn’t lose all our money this month.

Terrible End to the month

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Well, our favourite blacklisted team has let us down today. I don’t understand why we keep backing Sheffield United. Draw no bet was 1.88. Blades go down 1-0. £100 lost. Bank for month has ended -£409.

This is utterly shocking. I can’t believe how much we have lost on Sheffield United. £600 this month. I think I will give Pod a slap next time he suggests we back United.

Maybe we’ll dip in to the emergency bank to have a bet on the Champions League but we’ll probably just cut our losses for this season.

We are rubbish

Saturday, May 16th, 2009

So Shef U game was 1-0 Ipswich at half time. £100 down. Pod clawed his money back by betting on the second half but I felt a bit sick thinking we had done £500 on Sheffield United games.

Today, we had Man U to beat Arsenal. Pod suggested unders too but we had a straight Man U win. Game ended 0-0.

Down to -309 for this month now. This is getting painful.

Damn Sheffield United

Friday, May 8th, 2009

I can’t believe the blades. They wouldn’t have gone up anyway but with that display they don’t deserve to go up. Luckily, Ipswich won so we are not totally bankrupt. Bank now at -£109.

Tonight we are having another bet with Sheffield United being involved. As we expect this to be very low scoring, we expect a half time draw. Odds 2.1, £100 staked.

Crazy Stakes this weekend

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Well, the most obvious double didn’t come in and thus bankrupted us last month. Bank ended up -£400.

Call it stupidity but we have 2 big bets this weekend. First one is Sheffield United to beat Palace. Sheffield United have to win against Neil ‘life long blade’ Warnock’s Crystal Palace. This started as drunken conspiracy talk. Price is 1.62.

Second bet is Ipswich to beat to beat Coventry. Our mate Ash has a grand on it so we thought we’d get a piece of the action. Price is 1.73.

Now for the stakes, usually we have £100 a bet. That is sensible. For some reason we are having £400 each on these. Pod’s put on £400 at Bet365 on Sheffield United and I’ve stuck on £400 on Ipswich at Ladbokes. It could all end in tears on Sunday if both don’t come in.