Weekend bets 18/04/09

Strange one this week. We decided on Boro/ Fulham unders. Expecting odds of 1.7 we were shocked to see it being even money. Odds everywhere on overs were dropping.

Only bookie that didn’t drop the odds were Boyles. So at Bet365 you could get unders for 2.00 and overs at Boyles at 2.2. What an arbitrage. Putting my tin hat on, I see there is something dodgy going on. Someone knows something. Odds never move that much unless multiple big spenders all bet the same way.

So our initial unders bet has turned in to an overs bet. £100 at 2.2 for 3 or more goals in the Fulham/ Boro game.

Second bet of the day is Arsenal to beat Chelsea. Arsenal raise their game for these big occasions and I see them winning this. £100 staked at 3.1.

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