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A Decent Profit at last

Monday, March 30th, 2009

So March ends with a decent profit. Holland beat Scotland 3-0. Bank ended up being +£276.

The betting record for the 2 years or so we have been doing this is now -£508. Thats about £20 a month, which is a tenner a month each we have lost betting. See the full record here. I think we can turn a profit this year. Some stupid bets over the months have cost us dear.

Pods in Malealea for a few weeks, so no syndicate bets. He’s doing some expedition with his school. You can see what he’s up to at the Malealea City School Blog . I suppose I could call him up and get some bets but I don’t think he’d appreciate the £1 a minute or more he would be charged for it.

Double or Quits on the Netherlands

Friday, March 27th, 2009

No bets last week. We couldn’t agree on any bets. Pod had a few and ended up winning. I was gutted with the rugby result. I had a ton on Wales to win the lot but they let me down.

This week we have decided to go double or quits on Holland vs Scotland. With all the injuries Scotland have and the great players Holland have, we think they can clear the -1 1X2 Handicap (same as -1.5 Asian). Price is evens. Got all £138 on this.

So this month its going to be either £0 or +£276. Last time we had Holland they let us down badly but I am confident they can beat an average Scottish side.

This is a much better bet than having to win the friendly against Slovakia. Price is about the same but Holland to beat Scotland is a much better bet.

This Weekends bets

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

No Premiership bets this weekend. We did consider Man U but managed to dodge that one. Only bet of the weekend was Barcelona to beat Almeria. Bugger knows why we had that. Pod just wanted a bet I think. Anyways the £100 at 1.5 paid off. Barca win 2-0. Bank now up to +£138.

Had a good weekend betting overall. Went to the dogs Saturday. Had a few winners there. We even got a tricast right and a reverse forecast. To top it off, we had a go on the roulette machine. Those things are dangerous. We put £30 in and on our last spin number 17 popped up. Pod likes to hammer the area around the 17 with coins. We cashed in £100. For the first time in ages I came home with more money that I left with.

Nice Weekend

Saturday, March 7th, 2009

This time last year was a bit of a nightmare. Man U lose 1-0 at Old Trafford and Chelsea lose 1-0 at Barnsley. Bookies must have been laughing all the way to the bank.

We had more or less the same bets this year. Got on early and managed to get Chelsea -1 on the Asian Handicap at 1.98 for £100. Handicap at KO was -1.25. Chelsea win 2-0 so handicap cleared. Bank at -£2.

After that we had Man U to beat Fulham. Price was 1.91. Man U win comfortable 4-0. Bank now at +£89. Wish every day was as easy as today.

End of Month Update

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

So Liverpool beat Madrid.  What a bunch of cocks.  Spanish football must be in a sorry state if Liverpool can go to the Bernabeu and win. £100 lost. Bank down to -£117.

Saturday we had a safe double of Everton and Chelsea. Price was 2.04. £100 staked. Both bets come in but needed a 90th minute goal from Lampard for the Chelsea win. Bank ended up at -£13. Small loss for the month.

Sunday we had Man U to win in 90 minutes. On paper this was a cert but it took penalties for them to win it. £100 loss. Bank for March stands at -£100.