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Champions League

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009

We broke our losing streak yesterday. Had Inter/ Man U draw at HT. Price was evens and £100 staked. Game ended 0-0 so obviously it was a draw at half time. Bank up to -£17.

At the weekend the scousers let us down. Tonight we are betting again Liverpool. Real Madrid have been going strong and Liverpool have fallen from grace. Only danger is that when Liverpool won the Champions League, they played shocking too in the league but turned up the style in Europe. £100 staked at 2.1. Come on Madrid!


Bad day at the office

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

So Arsenal only get a 0-0 draw. £100 down. It all goes downhill from there.

First, we have Man U to win to nil. Man U not let a goal in for 13 games. As soon as we have that, they let one in. FT result 2-1. £100 down.

Today, we had unders in the Fulham/ West Brom game and Liverpool double. Was looking so good. Lucky escape as it was 2-0 in the Fulham game and West Brom got a penalty in the last minute. Saved. so the unders bet comes in.

However, those c**nts Liverpool only draw. Man Shitty have been terrible away from home and were even beat by a 10 man Stoke City. £100 down.

So then we have Everton at half time to beat Newcastle. Newcastle down to 10 men and Everton been playing well. Game ends 0-0. £100 down.

So this weekend has been a disaster. From +£283 to -£117. It makes me think of Fmylife. Today, we lost £200 betting on scousers. Yesterday we lost £200 betting on Man U and Arsenal. £400 in a weekend FML.

Weekend Bets

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

On a good run at the moment.  Man U win 4-1.  Handicap cleared easily.  Next day we had the same bet but with Arsenal.  Price was 1.95.  They win 4-0.  Bank up to +£283.

This weekend pickings are slim in the Premiership.  We are going for a double of Arsenal/ Leeds.  Price is 2.07 at Boylesport.  £100 staked.  Price was 2.10 at Ladbrokes but I have barred myself from them so couldn’t get the best price.

This weekends Bets

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

Not a good day, yesterday.  No syndicate betting but some personal bets went wrong.  My only pick was West Ham.  Pod didn’t fancy that thogh.  Pod wanted Blackburn and the pigs (Sheffield Wednesday).  I didn’t fancy any of those.

Pod had his bets solo, a ton on each.  Blackburn drew 2-2 and Wednesday lost 1-0.  £200 down.  He did managed to claw some back with Chelsea on the Asian.  That was lucky.  Chelsea score in injury time to clear the 1.5 handicap.  That clawed back £90 for him.

I had a ton on Wales -8.  23 – 15 final score.  Gutted.  Handicap draws in rugby should be a push!!

Anyway, today we are having Man U -1.25 on the Asian Handicap.  Price is 1.93.  £100 staked.  Man U lost earlier in the Carling Cup. Can’t see them slipping up again.

Six Nations Rugby Betting

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

This post is dedicated to my old uni mate, Leon Morris of Welsh decent.  After years of taking the piss out of Welsh Rugby I have to concede they are a much better team than England are.

As I have said earlier, rugby handicaps are pretty easy.  Take last week.  I was just checking the handicaps for Wales/ Scotland.  I managed to get on Wales at 1.91 at -5 with money back for the handicap draw. That was a crazy price.  I promptly stuck a ton on it.  Wales outclassed Scotland, gave up towards the end and still won by 13 points or so.

This week I managed to get on Wales -8 at 1.91 £100 staked.  A bit riskier this one but I saw England and they were poor.  Watching Wales is like watching text book rugby, England have little chance of winning this one.  The only danger I see is that Wales miss a lot of kicks.

Also got £100 on Wales to win it all at 2/1.  The Irish have an outside chance.  They did look good against the Frenchies.   I think Wales will do Ireland at the Millennium Stadium though so its a good bet.  I could get out now as the price has dropped but I’ll stick with this one.

So why this post?  I got emailed from Betfair about a flash rugby game. Play it here

Lucky Liverpool save the day

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

Last weekend was pretty meh.  Had 2 bets.  Fulham to beat Pompy at evens and Palace to beat Blackpool.  Fulham win and Palace lose so we ended up in exactly the same position.  So we ended January +£16.  Two straight months of profit!!

Today we only had the one bet in the syndicate.  Pod wanted Sheffield United in the derby but I thought better.  Only pick we agreed on was Liverpool.  Price was 1.95 just before kick off.  Liverpool were 2-1 down with about 5 minutes to go.  They jammy it 3-2 in the 92nd minute.

Bank this month is +£95.

Can’t see us having a bet tomorrow.  Spuds/ Arsenal could go either way.  Man U have to slip up sometime.  They aren’t playing to well.  I don’t think I can bring myself to back them.  I can imagine that Pod will want to back Man U but I’ll not do that.