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A bad bet

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Everton win 1-0 so bank was up to +£120 at one stage.  However, we had Man U to beat Derby.  It was pretty much a bet on names rather than facts.  Sometimes, you have good bets that lose but this one was a bad bet that one.  Bank down to +£20.

So why was Man U to beat Derby a bad bet? Here are a few which didn’t need hindsight.

  • Price was only 1.75 -1 on the Asian Handicap.
  • Man U didn’t need to win the match
  • Man U have been 1-0 wonders recently
  • Derby had a new manager
  • Man U have Cheslea this weekend.

Hopefully we’ll have some better bets this weekend that will win too.

A profitable and lucky month

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

Last bet of last year was Villa to beat Hull at evens.  All square until the 88th when Hull score and own goal.  So bank ends the month at +£93.  So lucky this month.  At half time in the Sheffield United game it was looking like bankruptcy but the blades turned it around for us.

Yesterday we decided against Spurs. Pod wanted it (and overs) but I fancied Wigan. Spurs win 3-1. Had a friendly fiver bet so I lost that one.

Today we have had Everton to win to nil. Price is 2.2. £100 staked. Hopefully another profitable month lies ahead.