Come on Villa

Last bet was a half winner.  Everton equaliser made it 1-1 so the unders bet only paid out half.  At least its better than a loss.  Bank now at +£183.

We skipped the midweek bets.  Pod had £180 on Man U minus 2 on the Asian against Derby.  About 5 minutes to go it was 4-1.  Derby score, making it 4-2 making a winning bet as push.  Gutted for him.

Today we have a West Ham/ Villa double.  West Ham have already won 2-0.  Odds on Villa are going up.  I think O’Neil is putting out a slighter weakened side.  I think they can still do Donny though.  Price this morning was 1.73 for Villa.  Price is now 1.91.  Thursday night it was 1.67.

Price for double is 3.02, £100 staked.

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