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Monday night bet

Monday, January 19th, 2009

Arsenal win 3-1 and Spurs screw us over by only drawing 1-1.  Bent should be shot for missing his chance at the end.  Never mind, we are still up.  Bank is now +£142.   Would have been a bad week for the bookies.  Practically all results went to the favourites.  Only Spurs/ Pompey was a draw.

On to tonight.  Pod says Liverpool.  I think 0-0, or 1-0 either way.  So the bet we are having is 1.83 under 2.25 goals.  How do you have under 2.25 goals?  Well it means under 2 goals, we win at 1.83, exactly 2 goals we win at 1.415.  3 or more goals and we lose.  £100 staked.