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A bad bet

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Everton win 1-0 so bank was up to +£120 at one stage.  However, we had Man U to beat Derby.  It was pretty much a bet on names rather than facts.  Sometimes, you have good bets that lose but this one was a bad bet that one.  Bank down to +£20.

So why was Man U to beat Derby a bad bet? Here are a few which didn’t need hindsight.

  • Price was only 1.75 -1 on the Asian Handicap.
  • Man U didn’t need to win the match
  • Man U have been 1-0 wonders recently
  • Derby had a new manager
  • Man U have Cheslea this weekend.

Hopefully we’ll have some better bets this weekend that will win too.