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Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

Its been a while.  Its harder to blog when you are losing. So last posted bet was Villa to beat West Ham. That won so bank up to -£10. The best its been for a while.

Last weekend, we had Man U in the World Championship, 3 or more goals. Match ended 1-0. Bet lost. Second bet, Man City to beat West Brom, draw no bet. West Brom score in injury time and so bet loses. Bank down to -£210.

So today we put everything on Sheffield United to beat Charlton -1 on the Asian Handicap. Price 2.07. Wasn’t looking good but Sheffield United won 3-1. Bet won. Bank now just -£7. I can live with that. If that would have lost it would have been 4 months in a row, the syndicate has gone bust. I think it would have been game over.

Hopefully some better luck in the New Year.

This weekends bet

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

Last weekend, we had one bet.  I think it was the shortest price on the coupon.  Good old Chelsea to beat West Ham.  Game ended 1-1.  Price was only 1.25.  Bank down to -£120.

This week we are having Villa on the Handicap.  Minus a quarter is 2.1. I think thats slightly better value than having them at 2.4 straight win. Villa seem to play better away from home. I still think West Ham are useless.

£100 staked.

Hahahaha Boylesport

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Sometimes you just got to laugh.  Todays bet was Swansea/ Chelsea double. It was going to be Swansea straight and Chelsea -2 on the Asian Handicap.  We thought it would be best to have a single double though.

As I write this, Swansea have just scored but were 2-0 down.  Chelsea are winning 2-1.  Guess its a write off tonight.  Bank down to -£20.

So why the laughs at Boylesport?  I was putting the bet on and it came back, bet declined!!  Put it on at Paddypower in the end who will have our hard earned cash now.

Profit this month

Monday, December 8th, 2008

Dodged a bullet yesterday.  Pod wanted unders in the Everton/Villa game.  I decided against it because 2-1 either way wouldn’t be out of the question.  Game ended 3-2.

So tonight we had West Ham/ Spurs unders.  Price was 1.9.  Game ends 2-0 Spurs. A bit of sweat at the end but a win is a win.  Other option was to have Spurs at 1.92 off scratch on the Asian Handicap.  That would have won too.

Bank up to +£80.  Onwards and upwards.

There is a gambling God

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Haven’t had this in a while.  We won a bet.  Unreal, what next?  We going to have a profitable month!!

So today we had Birmingham and Man U double.  Price was 1.9.  Birmingham went behind but came back to win 3-2.  No sweat.

Man U is totally different story.  Shortest odds on the coupon.  It was injury time when Man U came good. So much sweat for a 1.14 bet. A win is a win anyway. Bank up to -£10. Hopefully this will be the turning point.

Vidic Goal. So lucky. Would have cost the bookies millions.

Just looking at the betfair blog and one lucky (and unlucky) punter got hull matched over 500/1.

Hull City continue to refuse to know when they’re beaten and their inplay layers on Betfair continue to pay the price, after the Tigers were matched at [580.0[ to beat Middlesbrough after going a goal down with just 11 minutes left on the clock….

Hull were matched at that price for just £1 (50p backed, 50p laid) but in a time of financial crisis, the lucky backer will be singing the praises of Marlon King nonetheless, after the former Watford man slotted home a penalty to win the match for the home side very late on. Surprisingly, the 2-1 scoreline was matched at just 85.0.

read rest of the days prices here

Mobile Phone betting

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

Even though the betting hasn’t been going well, I did have the pleasure (sic) of putting on the Liverpool bet on Blue Square mobile. I have Samsung i8510 with full html web browsing. I managed to get oddschecker on there and found bluesquare had the best odds of 1.36 for Liverpool to beat West Ham.

I don’t think the technology is there for mobile betting yet. The bluequare site is OK but navigation is cumbersome on the keypad. I didn’t have £100 in the account so rather than saying, “deposit £100 and place bet”, the website just says, “no”. So I have to mess around depositing and navigating to the bet again. To be fair their full html site does the same. I can cope with navigation on a PC though.

They should publish the phone number on the page where you can phone their telephone betting operation for free. Its 020 76886210. Better still, why not have a text number where you can send a text and they’ll call you back? I remember years ago c2002, I had forgotten my password on Bet365, sent them a message on their website and they called me back about 5 minutes later. That was like 6 years ago.

So in summary, mobile betting is rubbish. You just need to make sure you have the landline numbers for bookmakers – just call them up, its quicker.
02076886210 Bluesquare
01782684757 Bet365
02088348060 Betfair.

A new month a new dawn

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

This months betting starts off with a text message from Pod.

Transferred money today. Hoping for a better month from today. How about starting with Liverpool and burying my curses with them at the same time?

It ends with this text message.

Fucking wankers. I’ll never bury the hoodoo. Number of big odds bets is too many. Might not back less than 8 to 11 in future!

So first bet of the new month is Liverpool to beat West Ham. We did consider betting angles and decided that Liverpool was nailed on apart from the 0-0. Stoke and Fulham have already managed that at Anfield. After much thought we decided to just go for the straight win on Liverpool. Easy £36. Game ends 0-0 and the syndicate is -£100.

Last Month

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

It get hard writing this blog when the bets keep loing.  So at -£378 we decide to dip in to the emergency funds again.  We had unders in the Man City/ Man U game.  All starts well.  1-0 FT.   Second bet of the weekend was Spurs to beat Everton.  Odds for unders was 1.97 before commission so we lost about £7 that Sunday.

So month ends -£385.  Not a complete wipeout but we bent the rules slightly and should really have stopped betting once we lost £400.

So overall record is touching that psychological -£1000 mark.