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Big 4 to win this weekend odds

Friday, October 31st, 2008

Bet of the weekend is the big 4 all to win at Pagebet.

Selection Price
Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Liverpool All To Win 4/1

Chelsea v Sunderland
Manchester United v Hull
Stoke v Arsenal
Tottenham v Liverpool

Unreal price. With a £25 free bet it looks like Pagebet are giving you £100. I am signing up this weekend anyway. If it loses I’ll still have a £25 free bet to play with. Visit the site here

Christmas number 1 video game

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

Still no betting syndicate. I have been having a few bets but they are mainly losers. I think the syndicate is dead. Pod’s been betting in the championship which is not a good idea. Such a hard league to predict. I am guessing you could make a profit by just laying every favourite in that league. Its so unpredictable.

I get the occasional press release that is interesting. This one is from Paddypower. I am sure this market is easy money for people in the know. Since when were bookies experts on what computer sell? I am pretty sure you could set up a poll and clean up on this one. I would have a flutter but I am so out of touch with video games. Last one I played was Half Life Episode 2.

Call of Duty: World at War has emerged as the frontrunner with Paddy Power to be crowned this year’s No.1 Christmas Video game.

The Irish bookie installed Call of Duty, which is released on the 14th November, at 3/1 into the betting, closely followed by FIFA Soccer 09 at 4/1 and old favourite Need for Speed Undercover at 5/1. Other games on the list include Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Gears of War 2 and Resistance 2, all at 8/1.

EA’s Need for Speed, the game which commanded the video game charts as far back as 2003 was knocked off its perch last year when Call of Duty proved to be the more popular choice with consumers. Whether or not Need for Speed can crawl its way back to the top spot remains to be seen but the 5/1 on offer will surely prove tempting to die hard fans.

Betting on which video game will hold the top spot in the charts on Christmas Day has become big business with the bookies. Over 1000 bets amounting to more than €30,000 were placed last year on the games market and Paddy Power are expecting those figures to go through the roof as betting heats up in the eight weeks to Christmas Day.

It’s a stark contrast to the 60 bets amounting to a grand total of €250 which were accepted by Paddy Power back in 2003 when they first launched their Christmas video game betting.

Sharon McHugh, spokesperson for Paddy Power said, “The Christmas video games chart has evolved into a ferocious battle amongst developers to get to the number 1 spot and every year it just gets bigger and better. This year looks to be the most competitive year yet with no clear favourite commanding the betting.”

Christmas No.1 Video Game 2008

3/1 Call of Duty: World at War

4/1 FIFA Soccer 09

5/1 Need for Speed Undercover

8/1 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

8/1 Gears of War 2

8/1 Resistance 2

10/1 WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009

12/1 Guitar Hero World Tour

12/1 Quantum of Solace

14/1 Lego Batman: The Videogame

14/1 Far Cry 2

16/1 Fallout 3

16/1 Fable II

18/1 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

18/1 Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

20/1 Wii Music

20/1 Rock Band 2

20/1 Wii Fit

33/1 Tomb Raider Underworld

40/1 Sonic Unleashed

40/1 Mario Kart Wii

50/1 Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

50/1 Grand Theft Auto IV

50/1 Wii Play

66/1 Legend of Spyro: The Dawn of the Dragon

80/1 SingStar ABBA

80/1 High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance

80/1 Halo 3

100/1 MotoGP 08

150/1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars — Lightsaber Duels

150/1 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

150/1 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

150/1 Monopoly

250/1 Resident Evil Zero

You can have a bet here

Presidential Betting

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

Its been a while.  No syndicate.  Just been having personal bets which winning and losing, slightly down personally and Pod’s up a little bit.  Betting properly takes time and I haven’t got the time to think about bets nowadays. Been playing a bit of roulette recently and winning. Amazing considering, 1) Its boring 2) The game is mathematically in the houses favour with no skill.

Anyway, just read this about Paddypower. Basically, they’ve paid out already on the election result in America.  Those crazy Irish.  I remember a few years ago now, they paid out on Arsenal winning the league and Man U made a miraculous comeback and won the league so they had to pay out twice.

With the moose hunter running mate, McCain has really no chance. It would need a blackswan event for this to change.

[Dublin, Ireland. 16 October 2008] Following the concluding presidential debate in New York last night Ireland’s largest bookmaker, Paddy Power, has decided to pay out on Barack Obama as the forty-fourth President of the United States of America.

This unprecedented move comes almost three weeks ahead of Election Day on November 4th and sees the bookie paying out in excess of €1,000,000 [$1,360,000] to Obama backers. Prior to Paddy Power paying out, Obama was practically unbackable at odds of 1-9 to be the next American President (meaning a bet of €90 was required to make €10 profit)

To date Paddy Power has taken over ten thousand bets on the 2008 US Presidential Election, the majority of which were placed in support on the Illinois Senator over the past 12 months. In fact betting support was so strong for Obama that Paddy Power paid out over €50,000 ($68,000) on his successful nomination as the Democratic Party candidate back in January of this year, seven months before the convention.

Paddy Power said “We declare this race well and truly over and congratulate all those who backed Obama, your winnings await you. Although the Senator seemed a little off sorts in last nights final debate we believe he has done more than enough to get him across the line on November 4th. The overall betting trend has shown one way traffic for Obama since the start of the summer and punters seemed to have called it 100% correct. It reminds me of the patriotic words of action star Wesley Snipes in the movie Passenger 57……Always Bet on Black!”

Incredibly, Obama was a massive 50/1 with Paddy Power to be next President back in May of 2005. One inspired punter had a long range wager of €50 at these odds which today returns a cool €2,550. The largest single bet placed on Obama to be next President was €100,000 ($136,000) in June of this year at odds of 1-2 which returns a whopping €150,000 ($204,000) today.

Despite today’s seven-figure payout, Paddy Power continues to offer betting right up to and including Election Day. One of its most popular bets currently on offer is predicting the winning margin of the successful nominee on November 4th.

To see Paddy Power’s full range of betting on the American Presidential election click here.

Betting this weekend

Saturday, October 4th, 2008

Having been on holiday last week, I didn’t bother with any of the betting.  I also skipped the mid-week European matches.  Pod won Tuesday but lost it all on Wednesday/ Thursday.

This weekend only 1 bet so far.  WIgan at 11/10, £60 staked.  I think Boro have faded a bit after a good start to the season.  Wigan are playing some decent football.  I would have expected slightly odds against for this game.

I found a nice blog which I will be following over the new few weeks.  Its called Free Betting tips.  I’ll see what he comes up with and might have some more bets.