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Big Brother 9 Betting (BB9) – latest odds

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Here’s the latest BB odds. Ste’s doing well, winnning 2 out of 2 bets.

William Hill disagree with a number of commentators who are suggesting that Big Brother has run its course, with turnover proving excellent for BB9. “We are taking thousands of bets a week and there is no sign that punters have had enough of Big Brother. It is one of the few bets we offer where fans have as much, if not more knowledge than we do and it is a great chance for taking us to the cleaners,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

Big Brother is just an election. You just have read the online polls and check out the forums to find the likely housemate to be evicted. Its not as easy as it once was to make money on but it one sport where you can beat the bookie.

William Hill saw over £100,000 bet on Sylvia to get the boot from Big Brother on Friday night, when she finished as the 1/20 favourite to go. “The second eviction was a terrible result for us but we are just happy that turnover has been excellent,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

For the first time Kathreya is odds on at 10/11 to win, with Darnell well backed at 7/2. Bit Stuart is definitely out of favour and has sunk to a 33/1 outsider.

William Hill Big Brother Specials:
3/1 Big Brother removes another housemate for unacceptable behaviour
25/1 Channel 4 pull the plug on BB

Latest William Hill Big Brother Betting Odds Winner: 10/11 Kathreya, 7/2 Darnell, 10/1 Luke, 12/1 Rachel, 12/1 Michael, 20/1 Rex, 20/1 Mohamed, 20/1 Mario, 25/1 Rebecca, 33/1 Stuart, 33/1 Dale, 50/1 Jennifer, 50/1 Lisa.

Sylvia vs. Mohamed

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

It seems Mario has escaped eviction for another week and its down to Sylvia or Mohamed this week. Results of the nominations came as a bit of a surprise and it looks like Sylvia is a fim favourite to go (she is already at 1.15 on Betfair). The market on Betfair has been carried over from last week and so some people have got some great/terrible bets depending on if they backed or laid. I would love to have that £16 on at 1000 for Slyvia to go, on the flip side I would be gutted if I was going to be losing £16k just for the possibility of making £16! That said I’ve just popped £500 on at 1.15, so will hopefully be winning an amazing £75 (-Betfair’s cut)

Mario Favourite to be evicted

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Could be a tricky one this week.

Mario is the 6/5 favourite with William Hill to be the next housemate voted out of the Big Brother house on Friday as viewers are expected to vote out one of the most irritating housemates of the modern era. Conversely Kathreya continues to be extremely well supported to win with a £8,000 bet placed on her over the weekend and Hills have cut her price from 7/4 to 6/4 to win the big prize.

Dale & Jennifer appear to be getting very close and Hills are now 2/1 that they are in a relationship when they leave the house but Sylvia looks less likely to snare Stuart with Hills offering 13/1 that they get together.

“It is going to be a busy week in the house with Mario expected to be evicted and the Dale & Stewart expected to make or break a few hearts,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

William Hill Special: 4/1 Another housemate removed.

William Hill Big Brother Winner: 6/4 Kathreya, 4/1 Luke, 8/1 Michael, 8/1 Darnell, 12/1 Rebecca, 12/1 Rachel, 16/1 Rex, 20/1 Stuart, 20/1 Dale, 20/1 Mohamed, 25/1 Jennifer, 50/1 Mario, 66/1 Sylvia, 80/1 Lisa, 80/1 Dennis.

What the bookies never tell you.

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008


AFTER taking a hammering during the Group stages of Euro 2008 the bookies have bounced back during the Quarter Finals and are now in front of the punters for the first time, says William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe: ‘We could not have scripted two better results that Turkey beating Croatia and Russia putting out Holland – they were both seven figure winners for us – and worth up to £20million to the industry as a whole – for the first time we are now winning on the tournament.’


Russian star Arshavin is 5/2 to join Arsaenal with William Hill who also offer 3/1 that he will be with Zenit on the first day of next season and also offer 5/1 Chelsea; 6/1 Man U; Barcelona; 7 Real; 8 Inter; 12 Spurs; 16 Liverpool; AC Milan; 20 Bayern; Man C.

Holland – What a let down

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

To say this has been a disastrous few days of betting would be an understatement.  The form book has gone out of the window and all 3 underdogs won in the Euro quarter finals.  I got out of jail free on the first 2 with clawback bets coming good.

The luck ran out tonight though.  Backing Holland has been a goldmine.  Good odds and they won all 3 group games by 2 or goals.  So, against the Russians, I’d think it was printing money.  I had £50 each on

Holland straight at Paddypower at 1.8

HT/FT Extrabet at 2.83 and

-1 on the 1X2 handicap at 3.00 at bet365

Plus a cheeky tenner on the Dutch to score 4 or more goals at 11.0 at Corals.

Unfortunately the Dutch didn’t turn up.  Out played and outclassed, the Russians should have been out of sight.  Van Persie did jack all when he came on.  With no Robben and Kuyt not playing well, the Dutch never looked like scoring in open play.  So £160 lost.  Pod lost even more.  Highlights of the game can be seen here

Thats it for me this tournament.  Too hard to predict how things are going to go.  Bookies must be laughing all the way to the bank, especially Paddypower and Betfred who went top price on the Dutch.

What a bonus for Boyles Sport

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Portugal crash out. Bets lost. I had another £50 on it too. I was looking at the odds before kick off and they were dropping everywhere apart from at Boyles Sport. They kept their 6/4 price. Even Ladbrokes dropped their price on the Portuguese. So Mr Boyles has £200 in total of our hard earned cash. Makes the £50 free bet. they offer look tiny in comparison.

Next bet has got to be the gold mine of Holland. 1.80 at the moment to beat the Russians. That’s with Mr PaddyPower. £100 staked. I’ll offer Pod half of this bet if he wants.


Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Call me cynical but Alexandra being evicted after being put up for the public vote sounds like an inside scam to me. I can imagine the producers laying Alexandra on Betfair then chucking her out and sitting back with a nice healthy bank balance. Luckily I had not placed any bets so far this week but could quite of eaily have done on what Bang correctly described as a sure thing. It looks like this week’s eviction has been cancelled and its a quite weekend for us all.

Portugal v Germany Tip

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

We’ve gone Portugal on this one. Better side, with faster players and fresher as they rested all their team against the swiss. Germany losing to Croatia cost us a packet so we’ll be cheering the Portugese tonight.

You can get 2.5 at Boyles Sport. £50 free bet.

Stakes, £50 Bang, £100 Pod.

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Just signed up to thsi site. You have to predict the scores of games. I’ve gone for 1-1 in Russia/ Sweden and 3-0 Spain/ Greece.

Footbo’s Beta site is an up-and-coming football social network providing you with a one-stop- solution to share and express your greatest passion. It brings together a number of features including:

• Meeting, interacting and competing with football fans from all around the world
• The ability to access the latest news and content, and get updates on fixtures and results
• Sharing your knowledge, adding media and content, interacting with other fans and exchanging your views and emotions
• Managing and receiving customized information: your teams, your fan clubs, your players; everything will be right there on “My Footbo”
• The opportunity to grade players’ performances, predict the outcome of upcoming games and challenge other users in prediction leagues
• And much more

I’ll probably have a good look at it when the premier season starts again. It could be wisdom of the crowds… or maybe the dumb masses. Only time will tell but I can’t help but think that football fans all over the world are deluded about the quality of their team. You can sign up here

Alexandra 1/10 Favourite For Big Brother Boot – Shortest First Quote In Reality Tv History!

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Looks like a nailed on cert this one.

Hills are 1/10 that Alex will be voted out of Big Brother on Friday with Mario offered at 11/2. William Hill also offer 6/1 that Alex will beat the record eviction vote percentage of 91.6%. The record 91.6% has stood since 2006 and is held by the unforgettable Sezer!

“Mario is extremely lucky that he is up against such a foul mouthed freak as he is not popular at all, But Alex is our shortest first quote for the boot and she will be gone by Saturday morning,” said Hill’s spokesman Rupert Adams.

William Hill Bet:
6/1 Alexander gains more than 91.6% of the eviction vote

William Hill Eviction Betting: 1/10 Alexandra, 11/2 Mario

William Hill Big Brother Winner: 5/2 Kathreya, 7/2 Luke, 5/1 Michael, 8/1 Rachel, 8/1 Darnell, 12/1 Rex, 14/1 Dale, 25/1 Mohamed, 25/1 Rebecca, 25/1 Jennifer, 40/1 Sylvia, 50/1 Lisa, 50/1 Dennis, 66/1 Mario, 100/1 Alexandra