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I should be a bookie

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Just been on the sportingodds site for the Arsenal/ Liverpool game.  The have a market called half time under over 0.5 goals.  Basically, if its 0-0 at half time, its under (2.5), else its over 0.5 goals (1.5).  They also have a market called half time correct score.  0-0 is priced at 2.25.  So if you think its going to be 0-0 at half time, then bet on unders at half time at 2.5.  I think the games going to be tight, so £50 notes on that.  Half time draw is evens at most places. 

That’s an even more retarded situation than when bookies price a home win and a -0.5 on the Asian Handicap differently.   You might get 1.91 on a home win but switch the Asian Odds and you might get evens.  That’s just about understandable though as the markets are booked differently.  I guess it just shows that correct score betting is a bad bet and betting at Asian Bookies is good. 

As for mine and Pod’s bets this week.  Looks like its going to be Man U draw no bet at 1.8.  End of the month, so money is a bit tight.  Going to hope the price holds up until tomorrow. 

Neutral Betting Weekend thanks to the Spuds

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Spurs lose, 4-1 after leading 1-0.  It might be time to black list those fellas.  Man U cruise to a 4-0 victory, Chelsea hang on for a 1-0 win.  Would have been so sweet if the Spuds would have won. 

 Anyway, overall I didn’t lose anything this weekend.  Lucky for me I had Sunderland to beat West Ham.  Sunderland score in the 95th minute or something daft like that.  Price was 2.3 so actually made a small profit. 

We’ll be back with the new month.  Looking at the Champions League, Man U on the Asian +0 at 1.95 looks great.  Roma have their captain and top scorer out.  Man U took the piss out of Villa the other day.  They are such a class side and should be clear favourites to win the Champions League.  Barcelona have no chance.  I was checking the odds the other day, Betis vs Barcelona, Betis were 200/1 or something like that to beat Barcelona after they went 2-0.  Betis came back and won 3-2.  That doesn’t happen to Champions. 

Spam Comments

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Not too happy with the default wordpress spam catcher, Akismet.  Like all wordpress sites, this gets loads of spam.  Akismet catches loads but there were some false positives in there.  You still have to go through the comments and delete them.  So decided to put a captcha on the comments form.  The captcha is this one and the word list is from here  Hopefully that will stop the spam (ironic considering what I used to do for a living).

And the streak continues

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Pity its a losing one.  Can’t believe how poor England are.  They never looked like equalising.  Capello needs to kick some ass.  Even the Italian can’t get the performances out of the players.  It didn’t help that Owen, a proven goal scorer started on the bench.  I can’t remember the France keeper making any decent saves. 

I’ll make it back at the weekend.  Man U, Chelsea, Spuds treble pays 2.86.  £50 staked.  All home wins against, Villa, Boro and Newcastle.  Can’t see the top 2 slipping up because the title race is so tight and Newcastle haven’t got the quality to get anything from Whiteheart Lane. 

I think I’ll have whatever Pod’s having too.  Syndicate bets won’t start again until the after the weekend (Next month)

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Update, the treble ManU, Spurs, Chelsea, above can be had on partybets for 2.95.  New users Deposit £25 get £25 free use code KLS25PP. Or 30% up to £70 Extra On First Deposit use KLS70PP Pod’s has £70 on it.  Fingers crossed for it coming in. 

England/ France betting

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

I am still a bit gutted about all the money lost this month.  Its been quite a disaster.  Going to try my luck tonight on the England France game.  I can’t see England losing this game.  With all the hype surrounding Capello, I can only see X2 (draw or away win).  So £50 staked at 1.62. 

Arbing Bookie Free Bets

Monday, March 24th, 2008

If you are new to betting then arbing the free bets that bookies give you, is a great way to get started on their money.  (Alternatively you could arb their free bets and walk away).  Arbitrage is a way to make risk free profit.  Usually, it’s pretty tough but when the bookies are giving you money for signing up, its easy. Easiest way is way is to get a betfair account and hedge in someway.  If you want to know more then open an account with betfair using this code 3WC6THFMV then fill in the form below and I will email you the way to do it. 

I can track the names of people that use this code so please enter your name as you have done on betfair. 

Bang’s Bets the results

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Not a good weekend.  Reading (2-1), QPR(3-3) and Chelsea win (2-1).  Others don’t though, Fulham (0-2), Everton (1-1), Bordeaux (1-3), Real Zaragoza (1-1) and Osasuna (0-1).  About £100 loss.  Typical, Tip-Ex tip 3 from the Spanish league, I pick the 2 that don’t win and the one that I don’t pick wins at 6.5.  Never mind. 

Pods up, Sheff U win 1-0.  He also has Spurs (2-0) and Ronaldo to score anytime against Liverpool.  Some guy have all the luck. 

Bangs Bets

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008

As the syndicate went bust no bets this weekend.  We’ll still be individually.  Here are mine for the weekend so for. 

Reading to beat Birmingham 2.1.  Reading have hit some form recently.  Good wins against Boro and Man City and a narrow loss at Anfield for the last 3 games. 

Fulham draw no bet against Newcastle. 3.7.  Fulham haven’t won away for about a year.  Good performance last time out.  I think they are due an away win against a Newcastle side that hasn’t won in 14. 

Everton -0.75 at 2.02.  I’ll stick with the on form team, last weeks result against Fulham was a blip caused by the UEFA Cup.  West Ham seasons is over. 

QPR +0.5 against Wolves, 1.85.  QPR hitting some form.  Wolves have exactly the same last 5 results WWLDW.  Anyone can beat anyone in that league.  Like the half ball start. 

Chelsea to beat Arsenal, 2.25.  Chelsea are the stronger team.  They did screw me over last game by drawing 4-4 but at least they scored 4 goals.  Arsenal have run out of steam.  I expect Chelsea to win this and the premiership to be a 2 horse race between man u and chelsea.

Two picks from Tip-ex Real Zaragoza  -0.5 1.91, Osasuna -0.25 1.83. 

7 Bets £50 each.  I’ll be devastated if they all lose. 

Game over

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

I didn’t listen to the game so don’t know how it well Everton played.  They lost 1-0.  Guess their run had to come to an end at some point.  So thats it for the month.  -£400.  Painful.  Apologies to anyone who followed us on that one.  I’m £110 down off that (half the syndicate bet and my £50 side bet). 

Until next month…

Everton Fulham

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

No bets yesterday.  Got up at 3pm and missed all the kick offs.  So today, we are having Everton to beat Fulham.  Odds are 1.95 -0.25 on the Asian.  £119 staked.  If that doesn’t come in then its bankruptcy for this month.  Odds movements are a little worrying but I am less concerned about odds movements nowadays in the premiership.  All stats point an away win, apart from the head to head at Fulham which I discount because I don’t believe what happened years ago has any bearing on todays result (Everton haven’t done the double over Fulham since 1966)