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New month of betting

Friday, February 29th, 2008

Last month ended up pretty well.  +£508.  Thats our second highest win in a month since this blogs been going.  Spotted some value from Tip-ex and bettingzone, who both tipped Barcelona to beat Athletico madrid.  Price is 2.1 at skybet which is higher than betfair.  That’ll have gone down by tomorrow.  A £100 on that. 

Other picks yet to be decided but going down the list on the handicaps, I’d go for

Man U
West Ham

Just stick it on and text me

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

The Pod does it again.  Was out on the beer last night and didn’t have chance to look at the fixtures.  So I say to Pod, just stick it on and text me the prices.  He comes back with

Oldham minus quarter 1.95.  Peterborough 1.88 normal.  Tonne on each. 

Oldham draw 2-2, Peterborough win 2-0.  Those prices were before commission so overall profit, £34.  Not bad at all.  That puts us on £508. 

As for tonight, not touching Boro/ Sheff U with a barge pole. 

Another winner

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

It didn’t start off too well.  Drogba scores in the first half.  Kept the faith and Spuds equalise.  The draw no bet, is void.  Spuds were much the stronger at the end and the odds for them to life the cup were too good to resist.  2.23 after commission for the team was playing the better football at the time.  As luck would have it, Pod sticks the bet on seconds before Woodgate scores.  Chelsea press to no avail.  Spuds win 2-1 and lift the cup. 

That adds another £123 to the bank.  Bank up to £474.  That a good recovery from last month’s disaster. 

Tottenham v Chelsea Draw No Bet Betting

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

After a cracking day yesterday we are going for it again.  Its going to be Spuds +0 on the Asian Handicap.  Price is 2.87 after commission.  Betfair don’t do draw no bets but if you go to the Asian Handicap, the +0 which is exactly the same.   This is pretty good value for a game we both consider a 50/50 bet.  Best bookie odds for Spuds are 3.8 and 3.4 for the draw.  Dutching these produces odds of 2.68.  (I use this 1X2 to Asian Handicap Calculator)  So betting on Betfair makes this even better value. 

A day of winnings

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

Pompy come good with a 1-0 win.  Liverpool win 3-2 and Hamilton win 3-1.  A very good day for the syndicate.  Bank up to +£351.  Maybe I should let Pod pick all the bets.  He is one lucky bastard. 

Pods bets

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

I had an assessment day for job today so no time pick any bets.  Pod just stuck them on.  Hamilton and Liverpool doube 2.31 and Portsmouth 1.61. 

Wouldn’t have had any of them personally.  Liverpool and Middlesbrough are both blacklisted so no bet there.  Hamilton is Scottish Division 1.  WTF do I know about that?  Jack all.  Pompy are 3-7-2 at home.  I would need betters odds than that to back them. 

Half time looking OK.  Pool and Hamilton up, Pompy 0-0 which is what I think it will end.  There’s still time I suppose. 

Gutted for the people that backed Arsenal at 1.02 before Birmingham scored their penalty  Title’s got to be Man U’s now, especially now Eduardo is injured. 

Asian Handicaps and betting

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Last night we had Arsenal/ Man U double.  A straight ton at 7/2.  Both draw so £100 loss.  Our good run has come to an end.  Bank now down to +£159. 

We did consider an Asian Handicap double which would have got us some money back as both were -0.25.  On the issue of Asian Handicaps, its proper term for a type of bet.  Our friend Scott Bradder, thought it was something to do with me being Asian and it was a little in joke with Pod.  You can read about them here  Basically, they make every match a 50/50 by giving 1 team a head start. 

Nice result and crazy Liverpool/ Barnsley odds

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Swansea win 2-0. On a little roll at the moment. Bank up to +£259.

Shock result of the day must be Barnsley. Can’t believe what price they were matched at when Liverpool were 1-0 up. See these prices that Barnsley was matched. I’d be crying if I’d have matched that £56 at 179/1. Ten grand lost!!! As its befair though, for every loser there is a winner. I’d be buzzing if I stuck £56 on a game and then won £10K.

Odds Traded
1.01 £3,681
2.00 £1,000
20.00 £65
21.00 £284
22.00 £344
23.00 £365
24.00 £2,709
25.00 £4,080
26.00 £3,547
27.00 £9,855
28.00 £2,975
29.00 £1,816
30.00 £2,200
32.00 £901
34.00 £571
36.00 £492
38.00 £176
40.00 £652
42.00 £124
44.00 £227
46.00 £77
48.00 £110
50.00 £410
55.00 £184
60.00 £231
65.00 £34
70.00 £27
80.00 £52
85.00 £10
90.00 £10
95.00 £75
100.00 £215
110.00 £12
120.00 £226
130.00 £116
140.00 £22
150.00 £69
160.00 £31
180.00 £56

Weekend bet

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Everton come good, next day had spuds too which was priced at 1.73.  Didn’t go daft on that one though, only a £100, so £73 profit.  £262 profit from Everton makes the bank +£185.

Today is FA Cup day.  Not as easy to predict these as its hard to know the motivations of the teams.  Its not as bad as the Carling Cup but still, outside the Big 4 its hard to know whether a team is really bothered about progressing. 

So the bet today is from league 1.  I know very little about this game.  Its Swansea vs Port Vale at Port Vale.  1.74 for the away win.  Looking at the stats its going to be an away win.  Why are we having this?  I have no idea really, guess we just need to have a bet on Saturday afternoon.  £100 staked. 

Hopefully won’t end in tears

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

Last bet we had was Arsenal Blackburn, 3 or more goals.  Asian Handicap, was -1.25.  We figured that with 3 or more goals, the only score that could screw us over would be 2-0.  A draw or Blackburn win would lose if we bet on Arsenal on the handicap.  1-0 we would have lost.  So 2-0 was the only score we feared.  And the final score, 2-0 Arsenal.  Sods law. 

On top of that Chelsea drew 0-0 so bank down to -£150.  This could be s short month.  We’re doing a jackpot or bust on tonight’s game.  Everton -0.75 at 2.05.  Rest of the bank on this one.  £250 staked.  Don’t know much about this game.  Probably would have skipped this if it wasn’t for a phone call from Pod. 

 At least Chris from Tip-ex agrees. 

Brann   –  Everton         5.40   –   1.75
Only severe negligence from the Everton players can prevent them from winning this match. Brann have been training in La Manga and I guess that they have done their utmost to prepare for this match, including two friendlies, vs. Helsingborg and FC Copenhagen. Still it is February and we do not play football in Scandinavia in February. Expect Helstad and Karadas to start up front with Winters and Nyren on the bench. Ex Leeds midfielder Bakke and Solli on the central midfield.

I should think that the Everton coach Moyes will rotate his squad, meaning that Everton will be slightly weakened tomorrow but still strong enough to win this match. Yakubu and Van der Meyde are back in the Everton squad but Arteta has not travelled to Bergen. Away win (1.75).