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Weekend Bets

Friday, November 30th, 2007

So new month, new bank.  3 bets to open the weekend.  First off, Blackburn to beat Newcastle.  Odds 1.92.  This was before they got that 4-0 hammering by Villa.  Odds are bigger now but I still think that’s a good bet.  Newcastle are useless. 

Second, our bogie team, Sheffield United to beat Coventry.  Guess the blacklist means shit.  Even money for the draw no bet was too good to resist.  If you can beat Charlton away, then a Coventry side in trouble should be a pushover. 

Finally, a banker treble. 

Market Selection Price
Liverpool v Bolton
Match Betting 90 Minutes
Liverpool 1.33
Tottenham v Birmingham
Match Betting 90 Minutes
Tottenham 1.50
Man United v Fulham
Match Betting 90 Minutes
Man United 1.20

Total stake:£100.0 0Estimated return: £239.40

£100 staked on all bets.  With our recent luck, we’ll be £300 down by Monday night.   


End of the month and reality TV betting tips

Thursday, November 29th, 2007

Hull were lucky to get a 0-0 draw even though Bristol played the second half with 10 men.  Bank down to -£275.  Looks like thats it.  A disaster month.  Hope next month is better.  Still up over the year but only by about £100.  Its not really been worth the heartache. 

Got this preview about reality TV from paddypower.  Some interesting prices. 

I’m a Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here!

Punters are betting big on Biggins and at 2/5 the panto queen appears to have it in the bag but Paddy Power aren’t so sure! Janice has a huge legion of fans behind her and at 7/2 looks like she’ll be giving Biggins a serious run for the jungle crown! J (who was last week Paddy Power’s dark horse) did himself no favours by picking on the much loved Janice during the week. 

Who’s being backed? Christopher Biggins
Who’s being sacked? Jason ‘J’ Brown
Paddy Power’s tip: Janice Dickinson  

They say there’s no such thing as a dead cert but it’s hard to imagine any of this year’s acts coming remotely close to Rhydian! At 2/7 he’s the hot favourite to win. Hope managed to scrape through by the skin of their teeth last week but this week the odds are firmly stacked against them. They’re the 8/11 odds on favourites to get the boot.
Who’s being backed? Rhydian
Who’s being sacked? Hope
Paddy Power’s tip: Rhydian  

Strictly Come Dancing
Kelly received a roasting from the judges last week after a pretty average dance routine with Brendan Cole while Alesha continued to pull in perfect 10’s. Paddy Power are still tipping Matt D’Angelo to pip Alesha to the winning post at 9/2, while Kenny Logan looks to be in danger this week. He’s the 4/5 odds on favourite to get sent home.
Who’s being backed? Alesha Dixon
Who’s being sacked? Kenny Logan
Paddy Power’s tip: Matt D’Angelo
Dancing On Ice
It’s not due on our screens until January 2008 but already the rumours are flying as to what celebrities will be taking part. Gareth Gates and Samantha Mumba head the betting. Nothing like a skate on thin ice to revive a struggling pop career!  If the rumours are true and Gareth does take part, you can be sure that he’ll be the ladies choice!  
Paddy Power’s tip: Gareth Gates 

LATEST PADDY POWER BETTING  Who will win I’m a Celebrity.Get Me Out of Here? 
1/3      Christopher Biggins
7/2      Janice Dickinson
7/1      Jason Brown
18/1      Cerys Matthews 
Queen of the Jungle 
1/7      Janice Dickinson
4/1      Cerys Matthews

King of the Jungle      
1/12      Christopher Biggins 
6/1      Jason Brown
Winning King & Queen of the Jungle?
8/15      Christopher & Janice
11/4      Christopher & Cerys 
6/1       Jason & Janice
9/1       Christopher & Gemma
18/1      Jason & Cerys
33/1      Jason & Gemma 

Will Marc be waiting for Cerys on the Jungle set? 
1/3       No
2/1       Yes      

X Factor Outright
2/7        Rhydian Roberts
11/2      Niki Evans 
8/1       Leon Jackson
8/1       Same Difference
33/1      Hope 
Next Elimination         
8/11      Hope
11/4      Same Difference
10/3      Leon
11/1      Niki
40/1      Rhydian           

Winning Category
1/5        14 to 24s Male (Dannii) 
6/1       25s and over (Louis)
Groups (Simon)
Strictly Come Dancing Winner 
2/5       Alesha Dixon
9/2       Matt D’Angelo
6/1       Kelly Brook
8/1       Gethin Jones
28/1      Letitia Dean
50/1      Kenny Logan 

Next Elimination 
4/5       Kenny Logan
2/1       Letitia Dean
7/1       Kelly Brook
8/1       Gethin Jones
16/1      Matt Di Angelo
50/1      Alesha Dixon           

Gender of Winning Celebrity 
1/4    Female
5/2    Male
Dancing On Ice – Who will win?           
4/1       Gareth Gates
5/1       Tim Vincent
5/1       Chris Fountain
6/1       Samantha Mumba
6/1       Greg Rusedski
7/1       Suzanne Shaw
10/1      Natalie Pinkham
10/1      Michael Underwood
14/1      Steve Backley
16/1      Sarah Greene
20/1      Aggie MacKenzie

Click here if you fancy a punt. 

Tuesdays bet

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

Blackburn could only manage a draw, bank down to -£175. 

Todays bet is Hull to beat Bristol City, Hull have won 3 out of 3, City have lost 3 out of 3.  All signs point to a home win.  £100 staked at evens. 

Sunday Bets part 2

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Defoe misses an inujry time penalty.  Match finished 1-1.  No change to the bank. 

Going to have Blackburn -0.25 against Fulham.  £100 staked at odds of evens.  Blackburn are on a good run.  Some players are back from injury too.  Healy isn’t playing for Fulham so thats another plus. 

Sundays bets

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Chelsea win 2-0 so clean sheet bet wins.  Bank now at -£125.  Still rubbish but better than bust. 

Today’s bet is Spuds draw no bet against Ham.  Price is 1.8, £100 staked.  Spuds are in a false position in the league.  They have got a much better squad than that and I see them moving up the league quickly. 

Man U – the bookies friend today

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Liverpool win, so +£110.  Man U lose, costing us our second bet.  So -£100, overall profit, £10.  Bank now at –£200. 

A late bet on the Chelsea.  1.75 for them to keep a clean sheet.  I think thats safer than the straight win.  £100 staked.  Derby have only scored 5 goals all season. 

Man U not only cost us our second bet, I had a score on Man U, Pool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Man City, at 6/1.  That will have saved the bookies a mega payout today.  All results pretty much went to form apart from that. 

Break even or bust

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

The I’m a celebrity bet went down the toilet. Bank down to -£210. Thats wank.

So today we are relying on the big 4 to make our money. We have Chelsea, Man U and Arsenal treble at 2.2. Liverpool single at 2.1. £100 each. If both bets lose then we are bankrupt this month. If they both win we are £10 up.

Not so good

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Ukraine lose 2-0.  Why, oh why did we have that?  Bugger knows.  Bank down to -£159.  Lynne Franks bet wants to come in. 

Good news about Israel/ Russia.  I was convinced it was a fix.  Under normal circumstances, I’d have priced that up 6/4 either way.  Odds on Russia to win were ridiculously short.  Cost me about £100 personally (I was so convinced it was a fix, I saw it as printing money).  I don’t really care though.  Next summer is going to be alright now as long as England don’t screw up at home. 

I’m A Celebrity GMOOH bet and Football as usual

Saturday, November 17th, 2007

Two bets to report.  First, we have a bet on Im A Celebrity Get me out of here.  First eviction.   Can’t be bothered working out the odds.  Basically, if Lynne Franks goes out its +£82, Janice Dickenson, +£46 else -£51. 

Second bet is Ulkraine -0.25 on the Asian Handicap.  Price 1.8, £100 staked.  They should be able to beat Lithuania but we only lose half if its a draw. 

So close but so far away

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

It was all looking gravy until Cahill scores a wonder overhead kick goal.  So from a nice profit, we ended up with a small loss.  Twice in a row Chelsea have screwed us over.  Bank now at -£59.  (Would have been £200+ if Chelsea would have won). 

I’ll need to check the permutations for the qualifications before looking at the weekend qualifiers.  Something fishy with the Israel/ Russia odds.  I know Israel aren’t that good but 1.55 for the away win is not right.  I fancy Scotland to beat Italy.  Check back Saturday for our picks.