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Could have been worse

Sunday, October 28th, 2007

Our losing streak continues and we are now in the red.  Had Pompy to beat West Ham.  Benjani misses a penalty in injury time.  Match finished 0-0.  £100 down.  Had the Arsenal +0.25 at 1.82.  Match finished 1-1.  £41 profit.  Overall loss £58.  Bank now down to -£24.  Not a disaster but it looks like this month will be a loser.  Pod’s in Vegas so no midweek foooty.

A terrible night

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Boths bets lose.  Arsenal cruise to a 7-0 victory but Barcelona settle for a 0-0 with Rangers. I was listening to that on radio 5 and they dominated but didn’t score then settled for the 0-0.  Last 20 minutes or so Rangers were on top.  Sheffield Wednesday score first but lose 2-0.  Good job we didn’t bet against Sheffield United.  Roma and Sevilla both won so a little gutted that I didn’t bet on them.  Bank now down to just +£35

Going to skip tomorrows champions league games.  Liverpool and Chelsea aren’t my favourite teams at the moment. 

Looking forward to the weekend, Pompy should beat West Ham at home, 1.83.  Arsenal should beat the pool at Anfield.  Great price of 2.2 for the draw no bet or 1.82 for +0.25.  Newcastle should beat Reading away.  I actually fancy, Newcastle -1 at 5.5.  Reading are leaking goals left, right and centre.  Price on Everton to beat Derby looks good, Villa should get something from Bolton.  Need to discuss with Pod before sticking anything on. 

Midweek picks

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Newcastle cruise to a 3-1 victory.  Bet won, profit £112.  Bank now at +£235. 

Tonights bets are Arsenal/ Barca double.  Price 2.1.  Sheffield Wednesday win, 2.05.  £100 staked on each.  Last round Arsenal/ Barcelona bought us money.  Should be more of the same.  Roma and Seville are other bankers but decided to skip them as not enough knowledge of European football.  The pigs kept us level Saturday so we fancy them to make us some more money tonight.  £100 staked on each. 

Monday night pick

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

So Sheffield United screw us over 3rd week on the trot.  Pod reckons they had a stonewalled penalty in injury time that wasn’t given.  Game finished 1-1.   Good job the pigs came good.  4-2 away from home is a good result.  Only 1 point behind the blades now.  Ended up just level.  Bank at +£123. 

Today’s game isn’t one to bet on.  Should be a home win but the price is disappointing and Sunderland can cause teams problems. 

Next bet is Newcastle -0.25 against Spurs.  Newcastle have a good home record this year.  Spurs are terrible on the road.  Its got to be 1X, so worst case is we lose half.  £100 staked.  Price was 2.12.  This is really good considering bluesquare have them at 2.1 just straight home win.   

A note on the rugby.  Not the best of games.  South Africa never looked like scoring a try.  They just got in to the English half and waited for the Poms to make a mistake.  Bookies must be laughing their balls off today.  Handicaps ranged from 7-9 points with most going for 9 points.  No one ever bets on the handicap draw in rugby so they made profit on practically all handicap bets.  Been quite a profitable world cup for me.  Roll on the 6 nations.  Rugby betting is like printing money if you just watch the games.  See this post for an explanation of rugby handicaps.

Come on Sheffield

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

Bets today are Sheffield United and Arsenal double.  2.38 and Sheffield Wednesday 5.0, staked £100 and £25 respectively.  Both Sheffield managers are under a lot of pressure.  Sheffield United have been given one last chance.  2 weeks in a row they have screwed us over. The pigs (Sheff Wed) can get an away win I think but is only a speculative long shot so only £25 staked. 

A lot of the premiership games look like home wins, trouble is the odds are crap.  1.6 on Man City is a joke.  Fulham 1.75, Blackburn 1.7, West Ham 1.96, prices are no good.  Chelsea, Man U and Pool all have tricky away fixtures.  Only Arsenal look good this week, thats why they’ve been doubled in with Sheff U. 

The England Saffer game tonight should be good.  I’ve got £30 on SA to win at 7/2 so going to be supporting them.  Handicap is too dodgy for me.  England have defied on the odds too much this tournament.  If I have to chose then I’d go for SA -8 at evens but I have the luxury of not having to bet on the market.  Gonna have £20 on Habana to score a try, 3.25 is an OK price. 

England rugby and stupid football bets

Sunday, October 14th, 2007

Yesterdays football bets lost. Belgium and Germany both drew 0-0, After I put that on, I did wonder why. Our staking plan went out of the window, £100 on a 4/1 shot. We usually only bet on stuff we know about, Belgium and Finland football??? Not a clue about that. So £100 down.

England rugby went a lot better. Somehow they managed to win. +9 was printing money. Can’t really remember much of the game. Was out since 3pm watching England football and things got a little hazy. So £91 profit from that.

Net loss for the weekend, £9. Bank now at +£123.

Was looking on Betfair, can see a few people sweating over England. Looks like some fool risked £3K to win £12. England at 279/1 to win the world cup, crazy prices. I wouldn’t be too happy if I’d have matched that at 110.0 either. £400 000 potentially loss. Thats got to be a few different people though, if not, I can see a headline in the paper, “Pro Gambler, hangs himself after £400K loss on England winning the rugby world cup”.

Weekend Bets

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

Two bets for the weekend.  We have an accumulator, England,  Germany, Beligum and Slovakia.  Price is 4.92.  England and Slovakia were 1.06 and 1.03 respectively so do not want to let us down.  Effectively its a double of Belgium and Germany.

Secondly, England +9 vs Estonia.   Odds are 10000000/1 on.  Only joking, we’ve got England +9 vs France in the rugby.  I’ve personally quit rugby betting after the crazy weekend last week.  This is Pod’s dad’s tip that he read in the paper.  Its printing money apparantly.  Heard that one before.


£100 on each.

Weekend Postscript

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Man U and Villa won yesterday. Arsenal win but put a few years on me. 2 nil up after 14 minutes and then let Sunderland get back to 2-2. They leave it until the 80th to win it. Man City win comfortably. Sheff U/ Bristol ended up 2-0 so overs didn’t come in.

So profit is £91 +£73 – £100. £64 net profit. Bank now at +£132. Sheffield United added to the blacklist too. They screwed us over this week and last.

On a side note, I almost made back all my rugby losses. I had Man U, Villa and Arsenal treble at 2.8 and Leicester +0 at 2.1. £50 on each. Profit would have been £145 but I was so worried Arsenal drawing I sold some of that off for a tenner after they scored their 3rd goal. Profit was therefore only £135 which left me with a £15 loss for the weekend.

Rugby bet – part 3.

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

What a crazy day.  First England turn over the Aussies and then the Frechies turn over the All Blacks.  Who’d a predicted a France/ England semi-final?  Was looking on betfair and some poor sod or lucky bugger (depending on which way you look at it) matched at 50.0 £67 for the French to beat New Zealand. 

I’m going to give the rest of this world cup a miss.  Its just too crazy to predict.  I’ve just got £30 on South Africa to win the cup at 4.5.  That should win if all goes to plan now. 

I manged to finish that Rugby Game.  54 seconds.  My tip is to save both punches for the Aussie and the Kiwi. 

Rugby Betting – Part 2

Saturday, October 6th, 2007

I knew I shouldn’t have posted my rugby bets.  England some how manage to win.  To be fair they played better than the aussies and deserved it.  Its not helped my betting bank though.  £150 down.  Still well up overall though.  Its just one of those – you can’t win them all. 

Should be good watching the All Blacks play against England.