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Sunday bet

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

Just a quick odds on favourite bet this Sunday.  Barcelona to beat Racing Santander.  Odds 1.5, £100 staked.  Its much better than the 1.5 available on Man U to beat Spurs.   

Get out of jail free

Saturday, August 25th, 2007

A very bad start to the day.  We just found out that Premierbet are very likely to have gone bust.  We had a large withdrawal request pending and it still hasn’t been paid.  Pod’s going to cop for it all so is £550 out of pocket.  (long story but thats the fairest way we could do it).

The fixtures list didn’t look too easy this week.  The 4 odds were too low to warrant bets.  Villa to beat Fulham was a decent but but we didn’t go for it.  Instead we went into the Championship and had Charlton to beat Wednesday.  Odds worked out at 1.80 after commission on Betfair.  I was a little worried as this was much better than the average bookie.  Charlton were 2-0 down after 15 minutes.  Somehow Charlton pulled it back to 3-2 scoring in the 87th.  So our brilliant month just keeps getting better. 

£80 won, bank now £527.50. 

 We’ve had another big brother bet too.  £50 on Brian to win it.  Odds are 4.00 before commission. 

Liverpool / Chelsea Bet

Sunday, August 19th, 2007

Yesterday was a success.  Wasn’t too sure about the Spurs price myself but 3-0 up after 16 minutes meant that one was an easy win.  Winning £90 + £52.50 from Pompy means bank is now at £447.50.  Very nice.  Just about makes up for the disaster in March where we lost £400. 

Today is a little dodgy.  Personally I think its home wins all round.  Pod’s not too sure though.  Form and prices say that whatever happens the value is on the home wins.  (saying that, yesterday I put Fulham and Newcastle down as home wins as on paper they were very good bets). 

As we can’t agree on any standard bets we’ve gone for a bet365 special.  £25 on Liverpool 1-0, £25 on Chelsea 1-0, £10 on 1-1, prices are 7.5, 8.0 and 6.00 respectively.  They refund stakes for 0-0.  So we collect a payout if the match ends 1-0 either way, break even, if it ends 0-0 or 1-1 and lose £60 if any other score. 

Saturdays Bets

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

A lot of home wins on the cards this weekend me thinks.  Pod’s not as sure.  We’ve gone for 2 wins this Saturday.  First off there’s Spurs to beat Derby -1 on the Asian Handicap.  Spurs have seriously underperformed so far.  With the strikeforce they have they should be battering teams.  Price is 1.9, £100 staked.

Second up is Pompy to beat Bolton.  Bolton will struggle this year without Big Sam.   Price 2.05, £50 staked.

Nice results

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Out of the 3 games, Won 1, won 1/2 and drew one.  Returns are £52 on Fulham (we got slightly better than evens), £20 Man City, a push on Reading.  The treble paid out £45.  £117 profit tonight.  Bank now at +£305.

Just noticed that Betfair now charge 5% on  Asian  Handicaps.  Thats a bit crap.  Looks like I am going back to the bookies to place my Asian Handicap bets.

F**K Man U

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

So close with the Chelsea/ Man Double. Can’t believe that Man U couldn’t score against Reading. It ruined my personal treble. Anyway, Chelsea came in at 3-1. £25 profit. Bank at £188

Todays bets are 3 home teams. Reading +1 against Chelsea at 1.8, Man City -0.75 at 1.8 against Derby and Fulham -0.25 at evens against Bolton. £50 on each with £25 on the treble.

I’ve had a cheeky £25 on Pompy to beat Man U too. It was a free bet so nothing really lost if it doesn’t come in.

Sundays bets

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

We’ve decided not to go with the obvious bet today. The treble on Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U treble at evens. I’ve had £100 on it but not with this syndicate. Pod’s had £250 on Arsenal straight win.

The syndicate bet is Chelsea/ Man U both on the handicap draws. Prices are 4.00 and 4.33 respectively. £25 on each single and £25 double. Any win and a small profit, both win and its a large profit.

Chelsea have a few injury problems and love to grind out 1-0 results. Man U/ Reading should be a lot closer than the odds suggest. Man U played Reading a few times last season and it was either a 1 goal victory or a draw.

Start of a new season

Saturday, August 11th, 2007

Man U lift the shield. Profit £91.

First day of the season is always tricky. Only match we both agreed on was Everton to beat Wigan. Price was 1.76 before commission on betfair. Everton win 2-1. Nice. The other option was evens on the -0.75 Asian Handicap. Good decision then. Bank now at +£163. Great start to the season.

Other match that caught my fancy was Villa/ Liverpool. I fancied Villa +0.5. As I write its 2-1 to the Pool. Bullet dodged there.

Community Shield Bet

Sunday, August 5th, 2007

Last month was a little quiet. Not much betting going on. The 2 bets we did have both lost so last month ended down £125.

Another month, another season now.   To kick it all off we are having Man U to lift the shield.  I think they’ll be more up for winning it than Chelsea, especially after FA Cup defeat.  £100 staked at 1.91.

Should be a good game.  I’ll be watching it over at the livefooty doctor