Big Brother betting

Another month, another profit.  Nothing earth shattering but enough to pay for a few beers.  Bank was at £91.50, we had a bet on England U21 which lost us £21.80 but then we won some back on Big Brother.  Net Profit for last month was £85.10.

This weeks bet is Charley to get evicted from Big Brother, 4th eviction.  £100 staked at 1.73 (after commission).  Know FA about this bet but Pod’s still on a good roll and I am sticking with his picks.

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  1. Ste Lawton Says:

    Charley has been favorite to go before all of the nominations have been announced but has, so far, (with a little help from the producers) avoided being up.

    Its a just a matter of time and I think you are right this may well be her week and if she is up she will be gone. I guess you will find out tonight on Big Brother’s Little Brother at 19:30.

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