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Tennis Bet

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

Big Brother bet went down the pan. Charley wasn’t even up for eviction. £100 lost. New bank -£100.

Todays bet is a little bit of a long shot. Marion Bartoli to win Wimbledon. One of Pod’s tips again. £25 on at 6.6. She’s been drifting out in play so I can imagine she’s getting battered. I am sure glad I am not one of the people who laid her on Betfair at the start. £317 match at999/1. I’d be crying if I’d had grand at risk to win a poxy quid. Looks like those people have dodged a bullet anyway. Last price seen was 11.0.

New bank likely to be -£125

Big Brother betting

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Another month, another profit.  Nothing earth shattering but enough to pay for a few beers.  Bank was at £91.50, we had a bet on England U21 which lost us £21.80 but then we won some back on Big Brother.  Net Profit for last month was £85.10.

This weeks bet is Charley to get evicted from Big Brother, 4th eviction.  £100 staked at 1.73 (after commission).  Know FA about this bet but Pod’s still on a good roll and I am sticking with his picks.