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Pod hits 4 in a row

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007

Blackpool win but by 2 goals.  Profit from that game +£75.  Bank now at £125.

Yesterday’s play off was a split decision so no syndicate bet.   I went on form and picked West Brom.  For some reason Pod chose Derby (£100 at 2/1), not only that he had £50 on Draw/ Derby at 13/2.  Derby won 1-0 scoring in the second half.  He was quids in and I was counting the cost of going for West Brom and Overs (£100).

So thats 4 in a row for Pod.  Milan, Bristol City, Blackpool and Derby.

So May looks like another prfoitable month.  No more bets on the horizon.

League 1 playoff

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

All bets are on Blackpool today.  Don’t know much about this one.  Its another one of Pod’s tips.  £100 blackpool win at 2.25 and £50 blackpool to win by exactly 1 goal at 4.00.  Fingers crossed for an exact 1 goal win then.

League 2 playoff

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Pod was right with respect for Milan.  I ended up having overs anyway so my bet won.

Today’s bet was Bristol Rovers -0.25 on the Asian handicap to beat Shewsbury.  Didn’t really know much about this game.  Pod gave me a call about this and I agreed to have it.  £100 staked at evens.  Rovers were 1 down after 3 minutes but came back to win 3-1.

Profit £100 so bank is now +£50.

Champions League bet

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2007

Man U / Chelsea was a tedious game. Pity Drogba couldn’t have scored that goal in the 90 minutes. So, both bets lost, bank now at -£50.

We can’t agree on the Liverpool / Milan match so we are just having our respective choices. I’m on the Pool as they are master tacticians in Europe. Liverpool to win in 90 minutes is my bet (they are blacklisted but this is the CL final, got to make an exception).

No Syndicate bet this time.

Fa Cup Final bet

Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Newcastle drew so no change to the bank.  Still at plus a tenner or so this month.

Fa cup day today.  I’m on Man U but Pod’s thinking Chelsea will win.  Can’t see why.  Chelsea have loads of injuries and Man U are well rested after sticking out a B team last week. Anyway, we’ve decided to have 1-0 either way.  Joe Jennings bookmaker is giving away free bets to the value of £30.  We’ve had £30 on each scoreline at 7/1.  We’ll use the free bet on the Champions League on Wednesday.

Weekend bet 13th May

Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Spurs Charlton ended up 2-0. That was a good trade out. Bank at +£10 now.

This weekends bet is Newcastle to beat Watford draw no bet. The bookies are spilt on who the favourites is for this game. On Betfair the favourite is Newcastle. I have to agree with that. Its pretty much a nothingness game. Both sides know where they’ll be next season. Watford cost me money last weekend by not losing to Reading. It was a shock result. Maybe Reading were too scared to get in to Europe. Newcastle have a new manager, only temporary though, but I still think this will be a boost. Plus I think Owen will score. Newcastle price is 1.91, £100 staked.

Other bets considered but reject were, Liverpool clean sheet against Charlton, 1.91, Middlesbrough to beat Fulham, 1.91, Villa +0.5 against Bolton, 1.91. Pod didn’t like these but I’ve had them anyway.

Losing ones bottle

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Well, Berbatov scores with 7 minutes.  After 40 minutes still 1-0.   Pod’s been watching the game and recommended getting out.  Managed to trade out.  Profit of £10 whatever happens now.

Looking at next week’s fixtures there’s little that interests me at the early prices.  Looks like this could be the final bet of this season.

Monday’s Bet

Monday, May 7th, 2007

Arsenal was a let down.  1 nil up and versus 10 men, they couldn’t hang on.  As I had it in my mind that the bet was won, it feels like I have lost £100 rather than breaking even.  As it is, bet is a push so no change to the bank.

Todays bet is  Charlton/ Tottenham, 3 or more goals.  Tottenham are free scoring and their matches usually go overs.  I expect Charlton to score but Spurs to win.  Price is 1.88 on Betfair before commission.  £100 staked.  I’ve also had a side bet on Spurs on the Asian.  I am hoping for Spurs win and overs.

Weekend Bet

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

We decided to skip todays matches.  It turned out to be quite predictable today apart from Reading.

The bet for the weekend is Arsenal on the Asian handicap +0 at 2.025.  Chelsea are in a ‘must win’ situation but The Emirates is no easy place to go.  Its so rare for Arsenal not to be favourites at home.  I can’t really see why they aren’t.  Chelsea must be knackered after all the football they’ve been playing recently.  They’ve stopped scoring those late goals which have been winning them games.

Arsenal are pretty good at home.  Only West Ham have gone away with all 3 points and that was an injustice from what I heard on the radio.  On any other day, Arsenal would have scored 10 against them. Chelsea won’t win and Man U will have clinched the title this weekend.  £100 staked.

Kick off 4pm on Sky.  It’ll be nice watching this one down the pub.

A Successful month

Saturday, May 5th, 2007

Since we’ve been writing our bets down on this site, we’ve been on a loser.  Last month was our first month of profit.  There is a little irony  that stupid staking in March bankrupted us but in April its made us profit.

No bets identified by the syndicate yet.  Personally I have had 3 bets.  Wednesday to beat Norwich 1.91.  Everton to beat Portsmouth, 2.00.  Reading/ Sunderland double 2.20.  I suspect we’ll have 1 or 2 of those for our bets.