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Could have been so much worse

Saturday, March 31st, 2007

Newcastle lost 1-0. Maybe Man City aren’t as bad I thought. So that was a ton down the toilet.

We had better luck with the treble. LUCK is the keyword here. Liverpool pissed all over Arsenal. Man U came from behind to win comfortably against Blackburn. Chelsea were ever so lucky though. Injury time goal saves the day. So a profit overall. Bank now at +£50.

New Month

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Last month ended in disaster.  England win 3-0 but bet was for 4 or more goals.  So last month, bank was totally wiped out.  £400 down the toilet.

New month new bank anyway (although its still March).  First bet, Newcastle to beat Man City.  Newcastle are alright at home and Man City are a shocking team.  They only beat Boro last time out because Boro rested players for the FA Cup replay.  £100 staked at 2.1 at betdirect.

Second bet is a VC bet special.  Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool all to win at 4.00, £50 staked.   Man U is a home banker against Blackburn.  CHelsea have Watford so that’ll be a formality.  Liverpool have Arsenal which is the risky one.  Surely Arsenal can’t beat Liverpool 4 times in a season?  We’ll see anyway, 4.00 is a great price IMO.

Current liability £150

Midweek Bet

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

We managed to dodge the weekend disaster against Israel.  England have been playing shite and the Israelis are no mugs.

So bank still at £60.  We’re going all in on England vs Andora.  £60 on “any other score” on betfair (basically 1 team just needs to score 4 or more goals, so we covered if Andora win 4-0 too).  Odds were 1.78 before commission.   I watched the first game an I can barely remember Andora getting in to Englands half.  Its such a mismatch.

Just like a phoenix

Tuesday, March 20th, 2007

It was game over last time.  However, Monday night, the BBC showed Tottenham vs Chelsea.  Overs had to be nailed on.  Spurs free-scoring and Chelsea destined to win meant that overs was only possible outcome.  It looked a bit shadey at half time but it came in.

£50 staked, £60 returned.  That £60 will be our ‘play money’ for the rest of the month.  I can’t see us getting in to profit but it’ll ease the pain of the £400 loss.


Sunday, March 18th, 2007

Reading 0 Portsmouth 0.  Game over.

Indiscipline has ended this month prematurely in terms of betting.  Two large losing bets have cost us dearly.  £200 is a painful amount to lose.  I guess next month we are going back down to the £100 per month and sod’s law will make it that we have a profitable month!!

Jackpot or Bust

Thursday, March 15th, 2007

We are going all in on on Reading to beat Portsmouth this month. Here’s the betslip

Reading v Portsmouth
17th of March 2007 3:00pm
Reading @ 11 – 10
Receipt No.:     XXXXXXXXXX
Bet Type:     Single
Stake per Line:     £226.00
Number of Lines:     1
Stake:     £226.00
Tax:     0.0
Potential Returns:     £474.60

So bank will either be £474 or £0. 2.1 is an excellent price for Reading though. Portsmouth are still on a downer and Reading have won their last 4 home games. I guess a fair price would be 1.91.

Disaster – Part 2

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Our betting syndicate dodged a few bullets this weekend.  Pod’s been in Vegas playing the $50K tournament.  No time to consult on the bets so no syndicate bets this weekend.  He was knocked out so not a good weekend for him

I was still betting myself.  Not good at all.  France didn’t beat England. Barcelona didn’t beat Real Madrid.  Chelsea didn’t beat Tottenham, Plymouth didn’t beat Watford.  Norwich/ Cardiff didn’t end up overs, Scunthorpe didn’t beat Forest.   The only bets that won were Blackburn to beat Man City and Sunderland to beat Scunthorpe.

You get these weeks when everything you touch loses.    To be a good gambler you have to have good mental strength.


Thursday, March 8th, 2007

Lyon lose 2-0.  Lack of dicipline have cost us.  Thats £200 lost then.  Bank now at -£165.

Another disappointing European night.  Maybe just stick to the EPL and the championship.  Seem to do better in those leagues.

Doubling up on Lyon

Monday, March 5th, 2007

Sometimes a bet is just so good that you have to break your own rules to exploit it. Usually its £100 max but in the case of Lyon we are sticking another £100 on it -0.75 at 2.12. I thought the 1X2 at 1.91 was too good and it didn’t last long at all. Chris’s preview on tip ex sums up exactly why this bet should be a double one.

Lyon – Roma 1.83 – 5.20

According to unanimous reports from France, Lyon have found their best form again. Excellent football at the weekend and their sluggish January period is obviously over. They could afford to keep their dead ball specialist Juninho on the bench in the 3-1 win against St Etienne. Toulalan is missing tomorrow, with Diarra replacing the midfielder.

Mancini will play for his Roma again and they will probably be able to draw from a full strength squad tomorrow. Taddei is their only doubt.

The way I see it, Lyon ought to big bigger favourites ahead of this game. While writing this piece, the odds were 1.91, but dropping now, but I will still back the home win. (1.83)

I take it for granted that the experienced Lyon coach, Houllier, is well aware of Romas’ tremendous counter attacking capacity. The only way for Roma to defeat Lyon would be just that – Houllier ignoring this Roma specialty. Home win. (1.83)

Sunday final thoughts

Sunday, March 4th, 2007

Bolton were disappointing lost 2-1. Never mind, it could have been worse Tottenham score twice in the last 5 minutes to save the day. Bank would have been battered. So bank now stands at +£35. I’ll remember this as a time when a last minute goal saved my bet.